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Unified View of NetSuite Changes in Fastpath Assure

In our previous blog post (Reporting on Changes in NetSuite with Saved Searches) we discussed the various saved searches required to report on changes throughout NetSuite.

A downside of this approach is the requirement to juggle so many different saved searches: ensuring the correct users have access to the saved search definition and the underlying record types (which sometimes requires the Administrator role) and validating that the saved search definition has not been changed inadvertently. In this blog post, we will look at how you can report on NetSuite changes using Fastpath Assure Audit Trail and explore the benefits gained.


Fastpath Assure Audit Trail simplifies the process of defining your reporting scope by eliminating the need for multiple saved search definitions and managing the criteria applied to those saved searches. With templates, you can define the collection of record types and fields you wish to include in your reporting scope and then use those templates to filter audit trail data. Fastpath includes a set of templates out of the box to get you started, but these can be customized as needed to fit your business.

 NS - Unified View_pic1


A centralized location for reporting on all audit trail changes eliminates the need for managing multiple saved searches while providing deep filtering abilities. You can leverage existing templates and create user groups to filter audit trail data in addition to filtering based on all fields in the report.

NS - Unified View_pic2


Analyzing audit trail directly in NetSuite requires the correct permissions to ensure that the relevant data is exposed. In addition, the correct saved search definitions must be made available to your auditors while preventing un-wanted changes from modifying the content of those saved searches. With Fastpath Assure Audit Trail, you no longer need to provide your auditors with access to your NetSuite instance or worry about juggling saved searches. Instead, you simply provide them with access to your Fastpath Assure environment and they are off digging through audit trail data in no time!

Creating a proper security environment within NetSuite can be a daunting task. Our NetSuite Security Matrix helps build roles and permissions based on your company's specific security needs. Get the Matrix today.