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Finance Leaders

Accelerate pace and reduce costs of the audit process by automating reports and documentation

Why Fastpath?

Controlling business applications can be expensive. Technical complexity of any one system can require costly consulting, and managing multiple applications in a single business process can increase cost significantly. Fastpath can reduce the cost of managing application access risks, helping to eradicate manual errors and prevent fraud.


Audit Readiness

Reduce the stress, cost and time preparing for an audit with Fastpath. By connecting directly into your business applications we can automatically monitor activity to surface control violations, pinpoint and quantify the financial impact of any risks, help you continually prove compliance, and ensure there are no surprises at audit time.


Reduce Audit and Compliance Costs

Passing an audit can be expensive. Fastpath helps organizations reduce the cost by analyzing applications access by user or role down to the lowest security level in order to report on material weaknesses in financial controls or data breaches. It comes with out-of-box rulesets that continually track conflicts, log mitigations, generate scheduled reports for regular review and sign off, and helps you to avoid timely data organization pre-work.


Simplify Controls Management

We enable you to map controls across your application ecosystem to industry regulations including SOX, HIPAA, FDA, GDPR and more. Fastpath provides a robust, cross-application solution to managing Separation of Duties (SoD) conflicts and violations. Finance, internal controls, audit, and application teams can rest assured that Fastpath is providing complete protection across the entire enterprise application landscape.