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Fastpath gives businesses confidence in compliance and trust in security.

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Unrivalled Integrations

Fastpath integrates out-of-the-box, working across multi-application environments and custom-made software to deliver insight into your security risks

Rapid Time to Value

We’re easy to implement and quick to deploy, and with no expensive customization required, you can immediately reap ROI

Frictionless Automation

Effortlessly automate processes like onboarding, testing and proving controls to continuously identify, quantify, and eliminate risk

Improved Efficiency

Ease of use and out-of-the-box content allow security teams to get up to speed fast, focus on what matters, and save valuable time

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The Right Access, at the Right Time

Automatically ensure that the right people have the right access, only when they need it

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Protect Critical Assets

Secure and control access across your application ecosystem to reduce risk