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Get a complete view into the identity security of your organization, ensure users have the right access for their role, and automate compliant user provisioning to identify risks before they become issues

Access security and risk management starts and ends with the end user. Each user’s role defines their digital identity, which requires an access level relative to the needs of the job function. Since most data needed to define the identity resides in your HR system, we start there. Using deep integration into your HR application, we automate access management for each event in the user’s lifecycle. With birthright access, streamlined access, request & approval for non-standard user needs, and automatic deprovisioning, Fastpath drives compliant user management simply and efficiently, so you don’t have to.


User Onboarding

Automate user onboarding via HCM integration and birthright access definition to shorten the time it takes to get users the access they need on day 1.


Access Requests

Use your existing organization hierarchy to define owners and approvers of risk, and then automate approval routing for non-standard access requests. Platform-wide reporting means you are ready for any audit at a moment’s notice. 



Empower users to manage their own access requests, data updates, and password resets, lessening the burden on internal teams and increasing focus on more technical issues.


Third-Party Lifecycle Management

Simplify your identity program by consolidating third-party lifecycle management in one place, enabling vendors to handle their own compliance with your controls.

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