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Working With Leading Audit and Security Partners Worldwide

Why Work With A Fastpath Partner?

 Fastpath solutions are the most efficient and effective way to seamlessly empower our clients to take control of their security, compliance, and risk management initiatives. Our partners help to ensure that Fastpath is deployed, configured and integrated to provide the optimal results in the context of each customers use case.

Fastpath partners will help you, our customer, to ensure that your results from using Fastpath meet your specific needs for risk reduction, audit results and operational flexibility.

We have a global network of partners that ranges from the big 4 firms (Deloitte, EY, KPMG, and PwC) to regional and boutique firms.

If you would like help selecting the right partner for your security, compliance, audit or risk management needs, please contact us.

Working with Our Partners

In today’s world, customers are being required to address more regulations and compliance requirements than at any other time. Recent regulations like GDPR have customers thinking more strategically about security, audit, and compliance in their organizations. The opportunity to assist clients in meeting these new needs with Fastpath solutions is growing, and will continue to grow.

Stand Out From the Crowd

As a partner that has the tools to address security, you can differentiate your offering to customers and provide services adding real value, with immediate benefit to your customers.  This allows your customer to focus on the core part of their business, with confidence that their security and compliance requirements have the right controls in place. 

The Fastpath solutions also allow users to be more efficient in their job roles around controls, providing additional value to your customers.

Implementation Made Easy

Implementing the Fastpath solution set is not a long process, customers can be up and generating reports in a matter of hours after solution installation. This is accomplished through  seamless integration with the customer’s business software systems. This speed of installation allows customer to find value in the solution quickly, providing then an opportunity for partners to then assist customers in the tuning of access control and segregation of duties inside their business software system, ultimately allowing them to meet operational, risk and audit goals as defined by themselves or their auditors.

Becoming a Fastpath Partner

With over 1,400 customers worldwide, Fastpath is always expanding our partner network to meet the growing needs of our customer base.  Partners are finding success with the Fastpath solutions in three areas, each which provides opportunity for further growth, as additional Fastpath solutions are released and services then available to be offered by our partners.

  1. Audit Partners who use the Fastpath Assure SoD solution to support audit testing in their external, internal audit, and SOX audit services.
  2. System Implementation Partners who provide services around implementing Fastpath and building out strong security and financial control frameworks for customers.
  3. Value Added Resellers who sell Fastpath solutions into customers, receiving margins on those sales.

Fastpath supports all three of these partners types through the following programs:

  • Working with partner to identify new prospects to grow their business
  • Providing Sales training to help partners to market and sell Fastpath solutions
  • Offering technical training on the Fastpath solutions to assist with product  installation, integration and customization
  • Providing controls and rules customization to help audit partners to optimize the Fastpath tools they use to support audit and attestation processes
  • Marketing opportunities such as webinars, white papers, and joint speaking engagements where partner, customer, and Fastpath success stories are shared

Why Partner With Fastpath?

The Fastpath Partner Program is designed to help our partners offer their customers dependable, efficient, and simple user experience around security access, SoD monitoring, access reviews, and overall compliance controls, implemented quickly and easily.

A few of our key partnering objectives:

  1. Accelerate mutual growth and profitability
  2. Help our partners expand their practice with dependable options around security, audit, and compliance
  3. Implement strategies, programs, processes consistently
  4. Partner with integrity and respect as a part of your value add
  5. Seasoned software development company with 14+ years experience and a proven track record of satisfied customers and partners
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