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Learn How Fastpath Can Secure Popular Business Applications

By Chelsea Bohnert


5min read

Learn How Fastpath Can Secure Popular Business Applications

DID YOU KNOW...Fastpath has over 30+ integrations and connectors to protect your business applications? Integrating rule-based access controls across all applications ensures every department can operate confidently in their security. 

Fastpath is a leader in identity, security, audit, and compliance solutions and offers a robust suite on integrations and connectors. No matter where your business operates, Fastpath applies rule-based access control that integrates quickly and seamlessly to major business applications. You may be familiar with Fastpath’s connection capabilities to   major ERP systems, but what about your CRM and HCM systems, and other applications? Fastpath ensures that within every business operation, from NetSuite to Workday, security is never overlooked. 

Some examples of how Fastpath can secure your business applications across your major business functions:

  • The Finance team lives in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain; Fastpath ensures rule-based access controls are rock-solid. No more sleepless nights concerned about unauthorized transactions or fraudulent activities due to inappropriate user access. 
  • The Sales team lives in NetSuite; Fastpath provides reports to review that all customer data remains confidential. 
  • Finance and HR both use Oracle EBS; Fastpath reports on what access has been granted, tightening the controls making it less likely for unauthorized payroll changes. 
  • HR manages employee records in Workday; Fastpath provides reports to review Workday security so that only HR and the right managers can view (or edit) personal details. 
  • Sales and Marketing both use Salesforce; Fastpath helps ensure security is set up correctly so only they can access leads and opportunities – preventing mishaps, like a sales rep accidentally editing financial records. 
  • The Customer Support team relies on Zendesk; Fastpath ensures that change identified in Fastpath can be referenced to change request tickets in Zendesk, providing an effective audit trail of changes. 

Discover How Clayton Homes Integrated Fastpath to Overcome SoD Challenges 

Clayton Homes leveraged Fastpath to proactively design user roles for both the Oracle Cloud financial and supply chain products prior to go-live. Fastpath’s efficient integration enabled Clayton Homes to overcome SoD challenges during their move to Oracle Cloud and made it easier for their team to monitor and maintain the security roles within Oracle from the very start. Read more in the Clayton Homes case study 

If you are ready to take control of security within your business applications, our experts are here to help! Contact us here and talk to our team to learn more.