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Top 10 Reasons Why Organizations Choose Fastpath

By Janna Prowell


4min read

Top 10 Reasons Why Organizations Choose Fastpath

As organizations embrace digital transformation and flexible work, identity-based threats surge. All organizations, enterprise and SMB alike, need a trusted identity security partner. Discover why enterprises choose Fastpath as their trusted partner in navigating the security and compliance complexities of today’s digital landscape. 

1. Unprecedented Risk-Based Identity Security Protection 

Fastpath integrates the power of Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) with the fine-grained, permission-level controls of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) to enable enterprises of all sizes with the protection they need to prevent data breach fraud and audit deficiencies.  

2. Rapid Time to Value 

Our cost-effective SaaS solution is quick to deploy with a simplified configuration, enabling your identity security to be up and running within days instead of months. Automatic upgrades and feature enhancements ensure you stay up-to-date with zero system downtime or hardware investment. With on-demand product training accessible 24/7 as part of your subscription, your entire team can prepare faster and start securing sooner. 

3. An Intuitive and Easy-to-Use Design 

Fastpath's modern, user-friendly design streamlines access to critical capabilities for navigating and addressing security and compliance complexities. An easy-to-use self-service function enables users to request additional access and centrally view essential information, improving efficiencies and greater user experiences. 

4. Managing and Mitigating Hidden Access Risk 

Identify and prevent risks using advanced access analysis tools, including deep cross-application risk detection, which uncovers toxic access combinations and prevents provisioning if risk is identified. Users can also grant emergency access with automatic expiration, system activity monitoring, and review processes. 

5. Automating Identity Lifecycle Management 

With Fastpath's comprehensive capability, companies can ensure all identities are securely managed and governed. Seamlessly connect with authoritative systems like Workday to automate compliant access from onboarding to offboarding and everything in between. The platform’s self-service function empowers workers with 24/7 access requests, automating the entire digital identity lifecycle process. 

6. Ensuring Efficient and Effective Compliance 

Automate user access reviews and certifications to ensure every access point is authorized and continuously re-certified to enable a secure and compliant environment. Identify and address compliance gaps that can lead to legal and financial risks. Demonstrate and prove compliance to auditors using Fastpath’s automated out-of-the-box reporting. 

7. Unparalleled Data Protection 

Fastpath’s policy-based access controls and fine-grained permissions provide precision to secure down to the lowest securable object. Managed Separation of Duties (SOD) across related applications also allows for early recognition of potential issues and prevents costly, damaging data breaches or fraud. 

8. Automating No-Code Workflows 

Leveraging no-code capabilities, teams can automate security tasks and scale protection with just a few clicks. Fastpath’s graphical drag-and-drop approach enables users to easily automate access and synchronize data across applications, directory stores, and repositories.  

9. Seamless Enterprise Integration 

For friction-free identity security, there’s no better choice than Fastpath. Our platform utilizes over 30+ integrations and connectors to ensure seamless deployment across your hybrid IT landscape. Easily extend identity security protection to critical everyday applications including Saas and on-prem, ERP, CRM, and HCM. 

10. Established Customer Success and Satisfaction 

When it comes to protecting what matters, you can’t settle for anything less than a proven partner. At Fastpath, ensuring your success is our top priority, a fact backed by our extensive history of customer satisfaction. Our dedicated Technical Success Managers guide you through the deployment and integration process while Onboarding Managers ensure successful implementation and help you recognize value along the way. With comprehensive training and on-demand resources like user guides and 'how-to' videos, your team can ensure sustainable success.  

If your organization is looking for a trusted solution to its most complex security challenges, look no further than Fastpath. With just a simple contact form, you can put your enterprise on the path to more secure, more seamless, and more successful security. 

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