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Fastpath's Certification Module

By Chelsea Bohnert


1min read

Fastpath's Certification Module

DID YOU KNOW...our customers see an 80% reduction in time spent doing certifications?

Join our webinar on Thursday, April 11th as we dive into the capabilities and show a brief demo of the Certification module.

Fastpath’s Certification module will provide you with functionality so you can increase the overall security posture and support compliance needs without adding significant additional work to your IT and audit teams. Additionally, the module has been optimized to be faster and more scalable, allowing compliance teams to deliver quicker value!

Our Certification module drives down access risk with user friendly, intelligent user and role certification reviews, helping our customers prevent security risk and meet stringent compliance requirements. Compliance teams can quickly monitor the progress of individual certification campaigns in real time, reducing the time required to produce audit evidence and support compliance requests for a repository of reviews.

Take advantage of our Certification module capabilities! A few include:

  • Set it and forget it scheduling of reviews
  • Increased approval workflow options
  • Upgraded groupings of certification identities and entitlements
  • Expanded connector library for full enterprise certification, beyond the out-of-the-box integrations
  • Ability to certify access of any connected device with an identity
  • Optimized user experience
    • Detailed reporting with easy to understand descriptions
    • Scheduling and electronic sign off of certification reviews
    • Reports can be exported out to multiple formats (pdf, xls, csv)

DID YOU KNOWone of Fastpath’s customers reduced the time required for managing user access by 50 hours per month