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Make the Switch from Oracle AACG to Fastpath Before the 2025 Deadline

By Fastpath


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Make the Switch from Oracle AACG to Fastpath Before the 2025 Deadline

Maintain continuous user security with the Fastpath platform

In 2019, Oracle announced it would end company support for its Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) applications, transferring remaining clients onto “Oracle Sustaining Support” through May 2025. Now, as the deadline looms closer for Oracle to cut off all customer GRC support, it’s critical to understand what that means for your company, your user security and how to prepare for what’s ahead. 

Sustaining Support and What Doesn’t it Include?

Effectively, all Oracle AACG users still receive support for any functionality previously available in GRC applications before the 2019 announcement. What sustaining support doesn’t cover, however, is everything that came after. According to Oracle’s Software Technical Support Policies, there will not be any "new program updates, fixes, security alerts, and critical patch updates."

 In a threat landscape where security complexity is ever-changing, a security platform that can’t evolve to detect and prevent undesired user access should raise some red flags, especially when that platform will lose the minimal support it does have by 2025.

What Are My Options After Oracle?

Since Oracle will no longer provide new updates or product functions, businesses should look elsewhere for GRC application support. For businesses of all sizes looking to leverage a seamless GRC solution, Fastpath is here.

Fastpath provides many of the same functionalities as Oracle’s AACG, all within a sophisticated cloud-based yet easy-to-use platform. With Fastpath, your team can manage Separation of Duties (SoD) risks, automate user provisioning, and track critical changes to your business systems down to the most securable objects. Fastpath also enables users to schedule periodic access certification reviews and perform SoD checks before provisioning users, two capabilities that are not part of Oracle GRC.

Fastpath also works with many different applications, such as SAP, Peoplesoft, JD Edwards, Workday, Coupa, and many more, allowing you to perform true cross-application SoD analysis.

Support Superior Security Outcomes

Using the Fastpath platform, IT teams can answer critical security questions:

  • Who has access to our systems?
  • What did they do with that access?
  • Where is our company vulnerable?
  • Who can create a vendor and then pay that vendor with no oversight?
  • Who has access to modify the chart of accounts, journal entries, or bank account data for vendors?
  • Who is turning approvals on and off, or opening and closing periods?
  • What data are your operating system administrators and/or database administrators changing?

Protect What Matters with Fastpath

If your business is ready to transition from Oracle GRC, Fastpath is here to help. Our Oracle security experts will provide all the curated information your company needs to feel confident about its next move. Contact us here to talk to our team or arrange a customized demo.