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Security When Migrating D365FO to the Cloud

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Don't Forget Security When Migrating to D365FO in the Cloud!

Security is always important, but sometimes it gets shuffled to the back of the project plan, or becomes one of those tasks you plan to get to, but rarely do, when upgrading to the cloud.

In this eBook, we review how to prevent this common mistake, but more importantly review the many reasons why having strong security in place when moving to the cloud is so important. Topics covered include:

  • How the security model has changed from AX on-prem to Dynamics 365 in the cloud and how these changes impact your licensing
  • The cloud upgrade path Microsoft provides and how it impacts the planning and execution around security
  • Key concepts around strong cloud security like least privilege access, and how to work these into your cloud migration plan
  • Security gotchas and questions you need to be asking your cloud providers to ensure they are executing soundly in the area of security, where your company’s data will now reside

At the end of this paper we've included links to valuable resources and tips you can use as you prepare for your D365FO migration to the cloud.

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