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Customer Success Stories with Fastpath Solutions

Fastpath solutions are used by over 2000 organizations around the world.


“This is now our standard, and to help everyone meet that standard, we are providing Fastpath as the tool to achieve that goal. Fastpath now regularly provides a list of users, a list of security roles, and a list of SoD conflicts which is something we did not have previously. It is saving us a lot of time.”

Tim Dewson Group IS Manager , Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions

“As we were doing the implementation, our concern was that when we were in the Intacct environment, system limitations required a lot of extra SoD conflict rule sets to monitor and a lot of extra manual controls. With Oracle, there’s a lot more system functionality that prevents that, but we were still concerned about going into the new system and missing something. But Fastpath provides an off-the-shelf standard ruleset for Oracle, which has proven to meet all of our needs. What you’re hoping for with this kind of software is that there’s nothing left to chance, and that is exactly what we have experienced with Fastpath.”

Michael Higgins, Sr. Manager , SOX Compliance, The Trade Desk

“The implementation story here is a short one. It literally required getting the connections with Dynamics 365 and other components (third-party solutions, etc.) figuring out and then importing the data. Honestly, it can happen in an afternoon.”

Nick Tavenier , ERP Systems Analyst, Pattern Energy

“Having Fastpath Assure has been a lifesaver. There are some native security reports available in Microsoft Dynamics AX but without Fastpath’s capabilities, it would have been a painful, time-consuming process. We were especially pleased that Fastpath was able to address additional items required by our auditors that were not part of the standard delivered rule-set and directly map the rules from our previous ERP to Microsoft Dynamics AX.”

Jeff Zuniga , Group Manager for IT Process and Measurement, Flow International

“It is very apparent that the application was written by auditors for auditors. Audits are much faster and cleaner. I gave them access to the reports they needed, which helped them get their testing done much more efficiently compared to the past. So, this was one area where there was big ROI right off the bat.”

Ivan Ng , Application Security Audit Manager, Hearst