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Global Consumer Products Company
Case Study/ Global Consumer Products Company

Global Consumer Products Company

Global Consumer Products Company Streamlines and Automates Access Management with Fastpath Identity resulting in an ROI of 373%

The Challenge

A global consumer products company that employs writers and editors across a number of countries has thousands of full-time employees as well as hundreds of contractors who cycle in and out of the company on a regular basis. They evaluated a number of solutions to manage the access to multiple applications for these movers/joiners/leavers and ultimately chose to work with Fastpath Identity, an automated system that delivered a fast and compelling ROI.

The global consumer products company was faced with several challenges in managing user access to applications. Keeping the employees' and contractors' access to applications current, as new employees joined, switched roles, or left the organization, was extremely time-consuming. The IT managers needed to manually process the updates among the multiple systems and approvals, and often it would take almost a week to give new employees or movers the access to necessary applications, delaying the time to productivity. It could also be months before a leaver was de-provisioned from the applications resulting in overpaying for licenses, along with leaving the company vulnerable to fraud or theft from bad actors.

"Because of Fastpath Identity’s fully automated system, assigning a user to multiple entitlements only takes seconds.”

Senior Account Manager, Global Consumer Products Company

The solution

The global consumer products company selected Fastpath Identity because of its ability to control, manage and secure all identity access. By automatically integrating HR and IT systems, access management is streamlined to reduce the time, cost, and risk of ensuring that users' roles are properly provisioned and de-provisioned.

The results

The global consumer products company regularly has 300 new employees, 100 movers, and 300 leavers who need to be provisioned or de-provisioned each year. Prior to working with Fastpath Identity, providing access to these employees and contractors was a manual, time-consuming process for the already overworked IT department. Often times it would take days or weeks to get employees properly provisioned for each application, hindering productivity. Now, Fastpath Identity’s workflow automates join / move / leave access management for each event in the user’s lifecycle using birthright access, streamlined access, and automatic de-provisioning. Integration with HR/HCM and birthright access definition significantly shortens the time to get users the access they need on day 1. The IT effort to provision was reduced and employees' access went from 2-3 days on average to 2-3 hours, dramatically improving productivity.

Prior to Fastpath Identity, the global consumer products company was typically 3-5 months late in canceling user access to applications for movers and leavers resulting in overspending on licenses. With Identity, they found that they could avoid access creep license costs by easily removing application access as soon as employees leave or roles change, saving them over $100,000 per year.

By not de-provisioning employees or contractors in a timely manner, the global consumer products company found itself at risk for exposure to potential fraud, theft, or other actions. For example, ex-employees with access to applications could take valuable information to competitors or continue to submit expense reports. By working with Fastpath Identity, the company ensured that these risks to reputational damage were minimized.

Moving to Fastpath Identity enabled the global consumer products company to streamline and automate access management across the entire organization with integration between HR and IT. The Company invested about $165,000 over three years. The benefits generated by Fastpath Identify resulted in an ROI of 373%, annualized benefits of $240,000; and a payout in under 4 months.