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Diversified Manufacturing Company
Case Study / Diverse Manufacturing Company

Diversified Manufacturing Company

Fastpath Security Designer for a D365F&O Implementation

The Challenge

With locations in the U.S. and Asia, our customer designs and manufacturers retail store fixtures and displays, perishable shelving hardware for supermarkets, electrical switches for computers, and is a third party logistic solution for domestic and global shipments.

Our customer began implementing D365 Finance & Operations less than a year before using Fastpath. The goal was to refine their permissions during implementation to lower license costs and ensure appropriate access. Choosing not to solely rely on Microsoft’s out-of-the-box ruleset which was believed to grant excessive access to employees, they turned to Fastpath as their first solution. Their priority was to generate quick and accurate reports detailing the roles they employed and assigned within the system.

"Our biggest motivator when looking at a tool like Fastpath was being able to save on licenses within the first year"

Director of IT, Diversified Manufacturing Company

The solution

Fastpath has reporting capabilities that allow organizations to see users, roles, duties, and privileges. While the main purpose of these reports is security, they do an excellent job of laying out which license types are needed. Fastpath’s Security Designer allows you to review the potential risks associated with granting a user access and modifying roles, duties, and privileges before making the changes. Because Fastpath implementation only took a few days, our customer was immediately able to narrow security and lower operational level licenses. Fastpath’s security designer ensures that their employees have only the access they need in D365FO and no extra.

The results

Fastpath helps by converting D365 task recordings into the security design required, then customers can decide how to implement, giving them the power to choose what works best for their business processes.


Our customer was able to perform the desired objectives of narrowing security for users, cut the time it took to analyze current security with task recordings in half, and lower license costs. After implementing Fastpath, our customer was able to create field-level security without having to use a more complicated method, which results in several hours of time saved as well as money saved.