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Case Study/ ChemTreat


ChemTreat Reduces Quarterly Audit Preparation by 100 Hours, Improves Compliance Processes, and Frees Up Associates with Fastpath

The Challenge

One of the largest and fastest growing specialty chemical companies, ChemTreat, Inc. is dedicated to industrial water treatment throughout North and South America. Its advanced water treatment programs are designed to optimize the efficiency and performance of water treatment systems and processes to enable ChemTreat customers to run more reliably and sustainably. Given the fast pace of business growth and the resulting complexity of manual audit and compliance tasks, the company needed a more efficient and accurate solution.

While implementing a new ERP system for finance and operations, it became clear that ChemTreat needed a better way to approach audit tasks.

“We were in the middle of implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 when we recognized we needed help with our audits; specifically, providing compliance-related information,” said John Jezek, Business Systems and Release Manager at ChemTreat.

We call Fastpath’s Change Tracking our saving grace.

John Jezek, Business Systems and Release Manager, ChemTreat

The solution

Thanks to glowing referrals from other growing companies in the Richmond, Virginia area, the ChemTreat team went straight to Fastpath to save time and get ahead of quarterly access reviews.

Jezek and his team had been using spreadsheets and emails to process audits and compliance tasks. Tracking reviews had become cumbersome and inefficient, with internal personnel dedicating over 100 hours quarterly to their preparation. The actual review process typically monopolized the better part of five days. “Tracking each individual manager, what they’ve done, and whether they’ve responded correctly was completely manual,” Jezek recalled.

Fortunately, the setup and configuration of Fastpath was quick and easy, as ChemTreat architects collaborated with Fastpath to stand up testing and production instances almost immediately. Once the new system was in place, Fastpath was able to achieve 100% participation in quarterly access reviews, supported by the ability to schedule reviews and generate detailed reports.

The results

ChemTreat associates have been very pleased with Fastpath, which reduced audit task time from over 100 hours per quarter to just one hour. “Once we implemented and got the Certifications product set up, we saved 100 man-hours right off the bat,” said Jezek. This has allowed Business Systems, IT, and Global Risk & Control associates to focus on tasks that add more value and support ChemTreat’s mission while reducing the amount of investigation time for security issues.

Fastpath’s Change Tracking product has been particularly impactful. Prior to adopting this tool, auditors required proof of security changes, which was particularly difficult as the team worked to onboard their new ERP system. After integrating Change Tracking into their Fastpath solution, team members were well-equipped to answer security change questions with ease and in detail, which was a tremendous relief. In fact, Jezek recommends that new Fastpath customers consider purchasing the Change Tracking product up front to take advantage of its rich, out-of-the-box tracking capabilities and customizations.

Ultimately, ChemTreat went from grueling, manual compliance processes to a simple, reliable tool that automatically provides the necessary information to satisfy auditors. Determining security changes is a breeze; security questions are easy to answer; and the amount of preparation time for quarterly access reviews was reduced from 100+ hours to just one hour. “Fastpath is for anyone who has gone through an audit and currently has manual processes. Fastpath and the Change Tracking product is a combination that provides a considerable amount of relief for those who are pulling together compliance data,” Jezek concluded.