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Wilson Trailer
Case Study/ Wilson Trailer

Wilson Trailer

A family-owned manufacturer needed help to review their risk management.

The Challenge

After upgrading their Microsoft Dynamics AX system to handle more facets of their business processes, Wilson Trailer found a need to improve their data security. The role based system in Dynamics AX gave the basic user more access than was needed, not to mention more than was safe. Jay Gonzalez, Developer at Wilson Trailer, found the native GRC tools to be clunky and unworkable. 

When they decided to upgrade Dynamics AX, the company focus was put on business process improvement and security was continually an

afterthought. In addition to the upgrade they utilized external add-on applications, which gave special access to their database. Before long the separation of duties (SOD) risks became an apparent issue. Wilson Trailer had full trust in their staff, but the potential for accidents and misstatements was growing. They needed a solution that could review SOD risks and mitigate conflicts within AX as well as any 3rd party add-on applications. Seeing these issues T.J. Dennis, CIO at Wilson Trailer, began looking for such a solution. 

“If you are just starting with Dynamics AX, Fastpath is the way to get it started right! Any AX user or company would benefit.”

Jay Gonzalez, Developer, Wilson Trailer

The solution

While attending a conference, T.J. Dennis saw a demo for Fastpath products and, “became sold on the power of it immediately.” By the end of the year Wilson Trailer had purchased and installed the entire Fastpath suite of solutions. “The install only took about 45 minutes,” Gonzalez remembers. 

With the fully customizable ruleset, Gonzalez and the IT team were able to create and implement the SOD rules and conflicts that were specific to their business. Fastpath’s solutions are able to see not only Wilson Trailer’s native security and access, but also any customizations and 3rd party security changes made to the SQL database.   

Through Fastpath’s solutions Wilson Trailer was able to initiate a project to minimize user access. The Wilson Trailer team started with a review of each user’s current access and where the SOD conflicts are with that access. Reviewing conflict analysis previously meant looking through over 3000 rows of data per company per user and users could access up to 7 companies.

With Fastpath the data is automatically analyzed for conflicts and delivered in one easy to read dashboard for review. “That cuts down the workload by at least 50%,” according to Gonzalez. He then uses Audit Trail to see an employee’s daily habits within the system to establish basic needs for their role. This gives the team the necessary information to limit users access to the minimum needed to meet their responsibilities.  

Wilson Trailer is also using the solution to find and eliminate issues in user role access. Within AX, and further with 3rd party add-on applications, customizations can create loop holes in access or as Gonzalez calls them, “back doors.” For example, a form that has been customized to not show specific fields may show up correctly in AX, but a role with adequate permission can export it, consequently giving the user access to the disabled fields. Using Fastpath tools the team is able to find and correct these potential issues. 

The results

Fastpath tools have given Wilson Trailer the ability to analyze their SOD conflicts and easily review user access within their Dynamics AX environment to ensure the proper level of access necessary. The unexpected added benefits found in licensing and manufacturing processes keep becoming apparent with further use.