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Identity security to help your business grow  

Scale at pace with automated identity management and access controls 

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The Challenge

Growing organizations face the dual challenge of expanding rapidly while maintaining compliance. Employees need quick access to business applications to be productive, but over-provisioning access can result in serious risks. 


The Complexity

Organizations must manage the increasing complexity of regulatory requirements, such as SOX, GDPR, HIPPA, UK SOX, CCPA and more. Failure to do so can cause irreparable harm to a company, including fines, penalties, reputational damage, and loss of customers. 


The Fastpath Solution

Fastpath offers a streamlined approach to address these challenges. Our identity management and access control platform automate the management of identities and access lifecycles, improving operational efficiency and reducing risk. Fastpath simplifies compliance and internal controls with enhanced modules for certification and user access reviews. The result: organizations meet regulatory requirements, boosting confidence among stakeholders and enabling long-term success. Plus, with our enhanced Certification module, you can perform user access reviews at both the entitlement and object-level. This ensures that users only have the appropriate levels of access their role requires. 

"Because of Fastpath Identity’s fully automated system, assigning a user to multiple entitlements only takes seconds.”

Senior Account Manager, Global Consumer Products Company


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“Fastpath makes it simple...and the auditors understand it.”

Manager of Master Data , Produce Manufacturer



Take control of security and compliance to increase productivity 

Manage user access quickly and efficiently with automation  

Automate provisioning and de-provisioning as employees and third parties join, move within, or leave the organization. 

Make external audits easier and more transparent  

Streamline compliance with intuitive processes, user-friendly dashboards, and automated reporting and audit trails for swift readiness. 

Reduce operational costs  

Automate access management, freeing up your IT team for strategic initiatives while ensuring compliant processes for scalable expansion. 


Reduce risk of data breach or insider threat  

Establish robust internal controls covering areas such as Separation of Duties (SOD), sensitive access, user access policies and financial controls. Support control effectiveness with real-time, continuous risk monitoring and intelligent analytics. 


Protect intellectual property 

Mitigate data risks by ensuring precise access control through intelligent, automated enforcement of rules and policies.


Quick time to value  

We believe in configuration, not code, so you can achieve a fast ROI with easy installation, pre-built rule sets, and training. 

Set your organization up for success.

Learn how Fastpath can help your high tech organization.

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