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ConfigAD for Dynamics GP

Config AD for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Fastpath Config AD for Microsoft Dynamics GP integrates Active Directory with GP to enable single sign-on (SSO), and allow user security to be run by IT without GP access.

Microsoft often recommends Active Directory as their preferred, most secure access option, but Active Directory login for Dynamics GP isn’t available. The need for different logins between Windows and GP, along with being inefficient, increases the risk of forgotten passwords and orphaned users, placing and increased burden on IT.

Fastpath's Config AD for GP enables security administrators to manage all aspects of Microsoft Dynamics GP security from Active Directory. With a simple right-click, a Microsoft Dynamics user can be created in seconds. Security administrators no longer need to have GP installed. This reduces security risks and makes user provisioning a regular IT help desk task.


  • Streamlines user provisioning
  • Manage Dynamics GP and security via Active Directory groups
  • Active Directory user disables/deletes are automatically synchronized with GP
  • GP user provisioning requests become standard help desk task
  • Allows users to synchronize Windows IDs and passwords with GP for single sign-on
  • Windows password policy enforced for Dynamics GP logins
  • Logoff users after periods of inactivity
  • Compatible with Citrix, Terminal Services, Remote Desktop Services and Virtual Machines

ConfigAD Product Data Sheet

Fastpath ConfigAD integrates Microsoft Dynamics with Active Directory for heightened security of the ERP system and streamlined security management. Read More

Top 5 Reasons To Use ConfigAD

Top 5 reasons: 1) Security – using single sign on ensures that password policies are enforced in Dynamics GP as there are no inherent password policies in GP out of the box.  Also, users are more protective of their windows passwords than their GP passwords.... Read More
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