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As a SAP ECC & S/4 HANA user you know how to leverage your platform to manage your business, but you may not have visibility into who has access to sensitive data or the functions they can perform. Leveraging Fastpath to monitor your critical access allows you to easily analyze and reduce risk, meet compliance requirements, and create a best practice framework for user access and risk management.

Key Functions

Analyze Separation of Duties (SOD) and sensitive access risk by user or role down to the lowest level of authorization objects and field values.

Analyze S/4 applications for enabled Fiori applications for next-generation risk policy management.

Simplify and enhance visibility of users and access while gaining control over the entire identity lifecycle.

Streamline access certifications with user and access insights, full or rolling review campaigns, and automated deprovisioning.

Automate compliant provisioning with intuitive workflow setup, preventative risk analytics, and dynamic risk routing.

Improve SOD reporting and reviews by eliminating false-positive risk results stemming unmapped Fiori applications.

Track and signoff on critical setup and configuration changes including before and after values.

Enable privileged access management for target SAP applications with role-based emergency access, transaction usage, and automated provisioning / deprovisioning down to the minute.

Optimize security with role mining to create compliant roles, including Fiori access, with preventative SOD analytics.

Manage cross-application risk by analyzing user access in SAP and other business-critical applications.

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