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Security & Access Reviews


You may not traditionally think of Salesforce when you hear audit, but that is changing. As pricing and price discounting become a larger focus for external auditors, Salesforce (SFDC) slides into the ever-changing scope of audit for public companies. Additionally, as companies leverage more of the Force.com platform to solve business issues and gaps, more and more of a company's financial information will come from SFDC. Existing rules around data security and customer privacy may already impact your business. Do you know who has access to what data? Do you have sales people no longer on the payroll that have access to the platform?


Fastpath Assure makes access reviews easy - data imported via pre-configured APIs can be presented in scheduled reports that are sent to constituents on pre-defined basis. You can even add in SOD or Critical Access reporting to create a multi-dimensional control process. Asking your sales organization to do anything other than sell can be difficult - with Fastpath Assure, you can make your compliance process as quick and easy as possible, increasing your chances of success and reducing your risk of error or issue!

SalesForce Access Reviews


  • Quickly analyze security conflicts within and across profiles and permission sets

  • Analyze segregation of duties by user, organization, system or object permission

  • Platform supports simple sign off for mitigations

  • Automates security with report scheduling for delivery in many formats (Excel, PDF, etc.)

  • User friendly report customization

  • Assists in regulation compliance (SOX, HIPAA, FDA, etc)

  • Cross platform analysis, for security across multiple ERP, CRM, XRM or HCM

Conflict Analysis

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Cross Platform Connections

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