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Risk and Compliance

Automate risk analysis, access reviews, and audit reporting with Fastpath

Protecting your company’s data from internal fraud is critical to not only ensure compliance with industry and government regulations (SOX, HIPAA, GDPR, etc.) but also to prevent the risk of loss of funds, intellectual property, or industry trust.

Fastpath supports single- and cross-application security as well as Segregation of Duties (SoD) analysis, audit trail, and identity management. Fastpath analyzes security objects at the component level and utilizes out-of-the-box rulesets to automate risk analysis, risk mitigation, access reviews and certifications, and audit reporting.

Risk Management

Reduce risk with better management of user access and Segregation of Duties across all your business applications.

  • Manage SoD risk across multiple applications from a single platform. Report SoD and access reviews across applications using a single dashboard.
  • Granular SoD analysis. Analyze segregation of duties by user, role, and privilege, down to the lowest levels of access.
  • Assists with SOX compliance. Continually track your system for SoD conflicts and log mitigations. Reports can be sent in multiple formats and signoffs can be recorded for auditor review later so much of your preparation for audit can be completely automated.
  • Automate user access review controls. Conduct review and sign-off for controls, mitigation, and user access from within the solution.
  • Benefit from unlimited Fastpath users. Licensing cost is based on how many user licenses you own from other vendors like SAP, Salesforce, D365, Oracle, and others.
  • Fast implementation. Leverage prebuilt, modifiable rulesets for most ERPs for easy startup.


Ensure compliance with government and industry laws and regulations to avoid crippling penalties and fines. Have confidence that the information you provide is complete and accurate.

  • Reduce the risk of non-compliance. Streamline your compliance with laws and regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations.
  • Easy reporting. Create reports to identify who has access to the sensitive areas specific to your company and what they did with that access. Schedule reports and automatically send them to reviewers. Save reports for repeatable audit reviews.

Audit Trail

Produce an audit trail of changes made in the system along with who made the changes to reduce risk and establish audit and regulatory compliance. Use standard out-of-the-box audit trail templates and reports to facilitate implementation.

  • Focus on areas of highest risk. Continuously monitor changes to the highest risk configurations, master data, and their settings. Capture before and after values, including items that have been deleted.
  • Low impact on system performance. Simple and straightforward to implement and use. Fastpath runs external to the business applications being monitored for minimal impact to system performance.

Fastpath Value

Fastpath Assure provides measurable Return on Investment while reducing the risk of loss of funds through fraud or negligence.

  • Return on Investment: Measured ROI of less than one year by GRC 20/20.
  • Rapid Deployment: Most implementations are up and running in days, not weeks or months.
  • Proactive Controls: Fastpath SoD and Access Reviews help you identify potential SoD security risks before they occur through risk analysis, access reviews and certifications, and audit trail reporting. Once identified, use Fastpath to correct or mitigate these risks.
  • Preventive Controls: The Fastpath Assure Identity Manager streamlines user access and termination requests while adding approvals and audit trails into the process. Requestors and approvers can identify any SoD risks present in the access request prior to granting access.
  • Corrective Controls: Use Fastpath Audit Trail to track user activity, noting critical changes to data and configuration settings, when, and by whom, including before and after values.
  • User Satisfaction: G2.com ranks Fastpath high in Ease of Use, Ease of Setup, Ease of Administration, Quality of Support, and Ease of Doing Business With based on ratings submitted by actual users.

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