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SOD & Access Review


How many pages do you have in your PeopleSoft environment? Who has access to those pages? Are there risks inherent in that access? The more users you have and pages you utilize, it can be increasingly difficult to regularly review system access for conflicts and risk. This can be a major issue if you have to meet regulations like Sarbanes Oxley or GDPR. Even without regulations, most businesses struggle to keep up with users having more access than necessary, or orphaned users roaming the system.


With Fastpath Assure you can continually monitor and report access to any or all pages in your system, including the type of access granted. With the Assure Segregation of Duties module you can further analyze system access for risks against your conflict ruleset. Where necessary, you can assign mitigations for later audit reporting. For both modules you can easily create reports, share them in multiple formats, and have them signed off on in the application. Saving the reports as templates and the ability to schedule them, automate your audit and security reporting for continued success. 

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  • Security reporting by user, company and page

  • Cross-Platform security analysis from a single Dashboard

  • Maintain an SoD ruleset and analyze access accordingly

  • Easily download reports to Excel or PDF for analysis and distribution

  • Repeatable automation provides continuous compliance

  • Maintain report sign off records in the application

  • Schedule reports to be emailed to any specified user via attachment

  • With Outlook Integration, users can sign off on reports without ever leaving their inbox

  • Assists in regulation compliance, such as SOX, GDPR, FDA, or HIPAA

Critical Access Review 

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Cross Platform Security 

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