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Oracle E-Business Suite User Monitoring Simplified

Easy Monitoring and Reporting of Critical Access

Oracle EBS provides companies with a comprehensive, enterprise-level suite to manage all aspects of your business. As an Oracle EBS user, you know how to leverage the platform to run your business, but you may not have visibility into who has access to perform critical functions, as well as monitoring what your admins are doing with their broad-based access.

Fastpath has developed a cloud-based UI that integrates with your Oracle EBS instance to enable you to manage access and user behavior from one location:

  • Who can create a vendor and then pay that vendor with no oversight?
  • Who has access to modify the chart of accounts, bank account data for vendors, or process journal entries?
  • Who is turning approvals on and off, or opening and closing periods?
  • What data are your Linux/Unix admins or Oracle DBAs changing?

If you are looking for a tool to assess Segregation of Duties (SoD), critical access, and enable a single-source location to request and approve access requests while risk-ranking them based on access policies, contact us for a demo.

Who Has Sensitive Access in Oracle?

In Fastpath Assure®, the Access Review module comes with an out-of-the-box report to track Oracle users with access to sensitive areas of EBS. 

Between complicated roles and responsibilities, orphaned users, and special projects that demand extra access for users, it can be hard to know who has access to what parts of Oracle. Reviewing this regularly can be necessary for audits, but also best practice for maintaining security.

With Fastpath tools you can quickly run reports to allow for quick remediation and/or identification of incorrect user access. Access can be reviewed by user, role, or responsibility, down to the field and menu access level, so no access can go unchecked.

Access Certifications ensure that users are only provided the access privileges required to perform their job functions. Fastpath Assure also lets you schedule periodic reviews and certifications of user access by supervisors and business process owners. Review access by Business Process, Conflict, Critical Access, Product, and Role Assignment.


  • Security reporting by user, operating unit, responsibility, menu, and function
  • Repeatable automation provides continuous compliance
  • Save key audit reports for easy re-creation
  • Define custom report schedules (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Scheduled reports emailed to any user via Excel or PDF attachment
  • With Outlook integration, users can sign-off on reports without ever leaving their inbox
  • Assists in Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Compliance

Critical Access 


Change Tracking Tools for Oracle

The Audit Trail module in Fastpath Assure continuously monitors activity in Oracle, reporting critical changes, encompassing when, who, and before and after values.

Do you know what changes are being made to your Oracle data or system configuration? Even with proper segregation of duties and access controls in place, there is still a likelihood for error or fraud. System administrators need broad-based access to do their jobs - sysadmin, dba, and Super User roles are ubiquitous, but still create risk for your organization. Even everyday user accounts can make mistakes in critical areas that require detection and repair after-the-fact.

With the Audit Trail module, you can track changes made to any data in the Oracle system you choose. The included report templates allow you to operationalize immediately, with the ability to see who made changes, when, as well as the before and after values.


  • Ability to track all critical setup and configuration changes made to Oracle
  • Superior performance and reporting
  • Assists in Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Compliance in EBS
  • Define custom report schedules (daily, weekly, monthly) and send via Excel or PDF attachment
  • Tracking takes place at the data level, which means access via the operating system, database, or application is all covered

Change Tracking 


Custom SoD Ruleset Designed by Certified Internal Auditors

The Fastpath Assure SoD module assesses user access in Oracle based on a customizable out-of-the-box ruleset.

Separation of duties (SoD) is the practice of minimizing the access given to each user. A good ruleset breaks down which functions shouldn't be accessible by a single user at the same time. Creating a good ruleset can be daunting because you must recognize the security of your business as well as any laws and regulations for your location, industry, customers, or business type.

Fastpath tools include a ruleset out-of-the box, built specifically for Oracle EBS by our team of certified internal auditors. With over 70 conflicts in the ruleset, you can easily add to and customize it for your specific needs. The conflicts can be given a risk level and tracked down to the function level.


  • Out-of-the-box ruleset that is easily customizable
  • Helps achieve Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) compliance in EBS
  • Simple to review and sign-off on mitigating controls
  • Analyze segregation of duties by user, role, responsibility, function, or program
  • Easily see security conflicts within and across roles
  • Schedule reports for delivery in many formats (Excel, PDF, etc.)

SoD Maintenance 


Easily Maintain Security and Compliance When Provisioning Users

The Identity Manager module in Fastpath Assure automates access requests, approvals, and application without the need for IT.

Compliant user provisioning in Oracle can be tedious with the ever-complicated number of access points within each role or responsibility. Then add on the necessary approval process and a simple access request can take a week or longer to be applied. With Fastpath's Identity Manager, you improve this process with immediate segregation of duties analysis and an automated approval process. The approval process can be set up based on user requesting, access requested, or even risk-level inherent in the request. Identity Manager for Oracle EBS supports Role Based Access Control (RBAC) to provision role grants and revokes in addition to responsibilities.

Identity Manager supports temporary and emergency access, granting elevated privileges for specified time periods to avoid over provisioning access.


  • Automated compliant user provisioning in Oracle
  • Streamlined approval process
  • Easily analyze access requests for conflicts with our segregation of duties integration
  • Comprehensive reporting on requests and approvals. Tracks all changes to security access for later audit
  • Schedule start/stop time for emergency/temporary access
  • Make requests online. Identity Manager automatically generates emails for management approval. Supports multi-level management approval structures
  • Assists in Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance

Evaluate Transaction Data to Identify when High-Risk Transactions Take Place

Many Oracle customers face security and audit challenges, and the ability to identify when large transactions that exceed acceptable thresholds take place is a particular concern. Fastpath’s Transaction Controls Monitor (TCM) module for Oracle EBS directly addresses this concern.

Fastpath TCM evaluates transaction data taken from multiple areas of risk and identifies transactions with potential risk or exceed acceptable thresholds. This information can be used by internal auditors and GRC professionals to locate areas of potential fraud or greater monetary risk.

With Fastpath Transaction Controls Monitor, users can:

  • select the threshold amount and the period to analyze (year, quarter, month)
  • search on specific users, SoD concerns, and system security.
  • present the data by conflict or by user

Now is the time to move to Fastpath.

With Oracle GRC for EBS going to Sustaining Support, existing Oracle GRC users must upgrade to Oracle Cloud to take advantage of new Oracle GRC capabilities.

Fastpath Assure provides user access security, Segregation of Duties tools with built-in rulesets, Audit Trail capabilities, transaction level monitoring, and more, so users can rest assured their Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance concerns are addressed.

Download the Fastpath Transaction Controls Monitor product sheet.

See Fastpath TCM in action. Request a demonstration today.

You Don't Have to Lose Productivity for Security, Know When to Control or Monitor

Two commonly accepted methods of managing the security of your business are through preventative or detective controls. Preventative controls prevent users from specified activities – e.g., store managers need to type in a code before staff can open the cash register for non-sales transactions. The primary operational issue with preventative controls is that they can also prevent productivity! The alternative is detective controls or after-the-fact monitoring to detect specified activities to prevent them from becoming permanent. Detective controls allow for more efficiency but also allow you to catch fraud and mistakes should they happen.

Using Fastpath Assure's Audit Trail module to enforce detective controls in Oracle you can keep productivity high, while maintaining the ability to track all critical setup and configuration changes made.


  • Ability to track all critical setup and configuration changes made to Oracle
  • Standard audit trail templates make implementation quick for immediate ROI
  • Assists in Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Compliance
  • Superior performance and reporting versus Enterprise Transaction Controls Governor
  • Define custom report schedules (daily, weekly, monthly) and send via Excel or PDF attachment
Oracle Change Tracking

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