Segregation of Duties and Continuous Access Monitoring for Oracle Cloud


You have embraced the future by adopting Oracle Cloud. You know how to leverage the platform to run your business, but do you know who has access to what? Who can perform critical functions or high-risk transactions? What can your admins do? How much access-based risk do you have? 


Fastpath is one of the few companies to have developed a solution to answer these questions in Oracle Cloud. Our cloud-based platform provides concise security reporting, easy to understand segregation of duties reporting, and an automation platform to streamline your periodic access reviews. 


  • Who can create a vendor and then pay that vendor? 
  • Who has access to modify the chart of accounts, bank account data for vendors, or process journal entries? 
  • Who is turning approvals on and off, or opening and closing periods?  

If you have additional systems that are used for transaction processing, you can leverage Fastpath's cross-platform functionality to manage them all in one place.


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