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SOX Compliance, Security & Audit for NetSuite

Automating Risk Management

Fastpath tools provide a complete audit solution to automate risk management and SOX compliance for NetSuite. Fastpath Assure® helps you answer three questions:

  • Who has access to your NetSuite data?
  • Where are the risks in their access?
  • What did users do with their access?

Can You Find Your Access Risks in NetSuite?

In Fastpath Assure, the Segregation of Duties (SoD) module reviews NetSuite user access reporting existing risks in your environment.

Building a strong segregation of duties rule set can be a daunting task. Recognizing all the potential conflicts that exist in NetSuite can be a time-consuming project. That's why Fastpath had its team of Certified Internal Auditors build our proprietary NetSuite rule set. This customizable ruleset covers many conflicts as well as their inherent risk level, allowing you to run reports immediately upon installation. With the rule set and quick cloud installation, you'll be able to see near immediate return on investment.


  • Review and sign-off on user access reports within the solution
  • Easily review critical access in NetSuite
  • Schedule reports for delivery in many formats (Excel, PDF, etc.)
  • Out-of-the-box segregation of duties rule set that is easily customizable
  • Assists in SOX compliance

Conflict Rule Set Maintenance

NetSuite Ruleset Maintenance

Comprehensive Activity Tracking for NetSuite

The Fastpath Assure Audit Trail module tracks changes made to NetSuite, enhancing the capacity of System Notes.

Tracking the data and configuration changes in NetSuite is necessary for maintaining security. Schema changes are necessary for customizing NetSuite but can also have a major impact on data integrity. Fastpath Assure's advanced system notes reporting tool, Audit Trail, goes beyond the native abilities of NetSuite change tracking by adding the ability for high level visibility of system changes that make identifying anomalies easier. Out-of-the-box the tool includes pre-built reports that link to detailed system changes, offering quick review when issues arise.

Audit Trail is divided into two functions. Data Changes tracks key master and financial transaction data, while Snapshot allows you to monitor system configuration changes. Audit Trail makes monitoring your system quicker and easier by providing the information in an easily digestible fashion. With recordable, electronic system change sign-offs, and included report templates based on what auditors need, Fastpath makes auditing NetSuite a more efficient process.


  • Data Changes: monitors key master/financial transaction data
  • Review transaction creation, update, or deletion
  • Snapshots track changes to metadata/system configuration
  • Out-of-the-box report templates for quicker implementation
  • Includes pre-built reports with links to detailed system changes when further investigation is required
  • Ability to electronically sign-off on system changes
  • Provides ability to link change management tickets from Zendesk or Jira directly to system changes
  • Assists in SOX compliance

Configuration Snapshot

NetSuite Data Snapshot

User and Emergency Access Provisioning Performed Quickly and Securely.

User creation, editing and deletion are processes that seem simple, but can be time consuming and often lack the correct level of security. With the Identity Manager (IDM) module, requests are sent to approvers with segregation of duties conflicts noted, in an automated, digital sign off process.

IDM also allows users to assign emergency access for specified periods of time. Whether for a specific task or full project, automating emergency access with effective start and end times allows you to control risk by ensuring any additional permissions are only given when necessary.


  • Workflow based provisioning of NetSuite users
  • Visibility into segregation of duties conflicts before implementation
  • Add, edit, or terminate existing NetSuite users
  • Manages Emergency/Temporary access
  • Assign effective start & end date of access (at a user level or specific roles and global permissions)

User Access Request Management

NetSuite User Provisioning

Do You Know Who Has Access to Your NetSuite environment?

The Fastpath Assure Access Review module reports user access in NetSuite for security review and maintenance.

It's essential to regularly review user access to know who can view, create, or edit critical areas of your business data. The issue many businesses face is the time it takes to collect this information manually.

Utilizing Fastpath Assure, these analyses can be done on demand and even automated with report scheduling. The Assure tool allows you to review access by user, company, role and object, giving you a complete view of your users and what they can do in your NetSuite environment.


  • Review and sign-off on user access reports within the solution
  • Easily review critical access in NetSuite
  • Schedule reports for delivery in many formats (Excel, PDF, etc.)
  • Out-of-the-box segregation of duties ruleset that is easily customizable
  • Assists in SOX compliance

Critical Access

NetSuite Access Review

Design Roles Compliantly with Visibility into SOD Conflicts before deployment

Designing NetSuite security or making permission changes to your roles is an issue for many users, but it doesn't have to be such a risky process. With Fastpath’s NetSuite Security Designer you can easily simulate changes to your security model and test them for segregation of duties conflicts prior to deployment. You can create different models and within them change security based on subsidiaries, users, and permissions. The analyses are done based on your current system vs. the potential model and tells the differences between the two.


  • Prepare and test new security models before deployment
  • Create, edit and delete role configurations
  • Automatic segregation of duties analysis of model changes
  • Assists in (SOX) Compliance

NetSuite Security Designer

NetSuite Security Designer

What Is The Cost Of Your Risk? 

Fastpath Assure uses NetSuite transaction data to quantify the financial exposure of segregation of duties conflicts in your NetSuite environment. Giving your risk a dollar value. This valuation helps auditors focus in on key areas according to the potential monetary impact to your organization. Fastpath can present the data by conflict or by user, and provides dynamic drill-down reporting into the transactional details. Give your auditors and executives risk reports in a language everyone understands, dollars and cents.


  • Focus access and conflict analysis based on financial exposure 

  • Easy, standardized implementation

  • Reduce SoD Audit time by up to 80%

Free NetSuite Security Matrix

Creating a proper security environment within NetSuite can be a daunting task. We have made a NetSuite Security Matrix to assist in this process. It works to help you manually design roles and permissions within NetSuite, starting with the native NetSuite roles, based on your company's specific security needs. Read More

Designing NetSuite Security Paper

Defining security requirements during NetSuite implementation makes the process more efficient. This paper will help you either whether you're starting from a clean slate, or help you re-implement security in a current live environment. It also includes information on leveraging access management technology to monitor whether security design requirements SoD restrictions are properly maintained throughout the system build, deployment and go-live phases. Read More

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GRC 2020's Innovation in User Experience Report

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