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SOD & Access Review


Do you know who has access to your Intacct data? What about the risks associated with their access? Running access and security reviews regularly is necessary for complying with regulations like Sarbanes-Oxley, but it's also important to the maintainence of security. Reporting on who has access to critical areas allows you to eliminate unauthorized or orphaned users, while analyzing permissions against a strong segregation of duties (SoD) rule set lets you recognize the risks existing in Intacct. The problem is the time it takes to run these reviews manually; making them quite costly. 


Fastpath can help simplify and even automate this process. With our Assure tool these reviews can be run on demand, cutting prep time from days to hours. Assure includes a customizable SoD rule set designed by certified internal auditors specifically for Intacct. The report templates in Assure let you review access security down to the lowest possible levels, and can be easily adjusted the to include the information pertinent to your business and compliance needs. 


SOD Access Reviews Intacct


  • Security reporting by user, company and activity/list/report

  • Segregation of duties rule-set designed for Intacct delivered with extensive list of potential conflicts

  • Easily download reports to Excel or PDF for analysis and distribution

  • Repeatable automation provides continuous compliance

  • Best-in-class performance and reporting for Intacct

  • Schedule reports to be emailed to any specified user via Excel or PDF attachment

  • With Outlook Integration, users can sign off on reports without ever leaving their inbox

  • Assists in regulation compliance, such as SOX, FDA, HIPAA

  • Cross-Platform security analysis from a single Dashboard

Critical Access Review 

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Cross Platform Security 

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