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Leverage Zero Trust to Manage ERP Security and Compliance with Fastpath and Hitachi ID

Fastpath’s integration to Hitachi ID provides greater control over system entitlement management

Increase security and compliance across your ERP and other in-scope business applications and data by unifying identity and privileged access management. By leveraging object-based role composition and robust segregation-of-duties, Fastpath’s integration to Hitachi ID provides greater control over system entitlement management to extend your zero-trust security model, including granular policy administration and access control monitoring. 

  • Increased Security
    Exercise greater control over user access by analyzing access security and Segregation of Duties conflicts to help you identify and manage your identity and privileged access risk at the most granular securable object level.
  • Risk Management
    Create workflows to automate risk analysis and generate reports to streamline compliance and audit tasks for greater control over SoD and SOX compliance.
  • Audit Trail and Tracking
    Track changes to system configurations and data that can affect system access security and identity risk. Fastpath integrates with common ticketing systems so changes are documented for further review and audit.
  • Preventative Controls
    The Fastpath-Hitachi ID integration provides immediate notification of potential risks along with the activation of mitigating controls.

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