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Get a firm grip on your audit

Fastpath accelerates the audit process by automating tasks, eliminating manual efforts to prevent errors, reducing risk, saving time, and helping to ensure compliance.

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The Audit Challenge

Traditional manual audit testing processes are often inefficient and time-consuming. They require extensive manual data collection and analysis, which can lead to delays in identifying critical issues. Moreover, human-driven internal controls which auditors review are prone to errors and inconsistencies due to the manual nature of the controls along with the complexity of the systems and data being reviewed. This can lead to compliance failures, financial discrepancies, and missed opportunities for process improvement.  

Whether it's navigating SOX compliance in the United States or adapting to the UK Corporate Reform, auditors demand swift access to a holistic view of compliance risks, ensuring the organization remains perpetually 'audit-ready', with strong internal control systems in place. 


How Fastpath Can Help the Audit Process

  • Achieve comprehensive visibility into internal controls across all business departments and applications. Mitigate the risk and cost associated with errors through enhanced accuracy.
  • Streamline and automate the audit testing processes to improve efficiency.
  • Review cross-application Separation of Duties (SoD) risks and associated controls. Utilize SOD out-of-the-box rulesets to simplify internal controls, and/or automate SOD audit testing.  
  • Seamlessly integrate with multiple business applications.
  • Automate access certifications, reducing  access risk
  • Automate testing and reporting with larger datasets of user access data
  • Enable more informed decision-making with complete oversight of internal controls   
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“We were especially pleased that Fastpath was able to address additional items required by our auditors that were not part of the standard delivered rule-set”

Jeff Zuniga, Group Manager for IT Process and Measurement, Flow International.


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“Fastpath’s products were designed for companies like ours and were easy to implement. With the standard templates for Change Tracking and conflict lists for SoD included with the product, we are able to generate meaningful reports in a matter of hours now vs. days or sometimes weeks before.”

Jorge Grau, Chief Information Officer at SBA


Fastpath Integrates With Azure AD Identity Governance For Better Security

Fastpath’s Segregation of Duties analysis enhances Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory Identity Governance with improved access risk detection Fastpath has partnered with Microsoft to integrate its Access Risk Monitor with Microsoft's Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)

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Take control of security and compliance to increase productivity   

Separation of Duties (SoD)

Fastpath facilitates the implementation and/or testing of SoD policies, ensuring that employees do not hold conflicting roles that may result in fraudulent activities or errors. 

Make external audits easier and more transparent  

Automate key processes like user access reviews and certifications, saving time, improving accuracy, and reducing costs. 


With Fastpath, organisations can monitor and analyse user activities across multiple applications, enhancing compliance with regulatory requirements while mitigating the risk of fraud and errors.


Automate Access Certifications

Our easy-to-use platform helps you reduce access risk with intelligent certification campaigns that enable users to make smart decisions.


Seamless Integration

Fastpath allows organizations to connect with various ERP and CRM systems, ensuring a seamless and centralized approach to audit and risk management across the organization.


Quick time to value  

We believe in configuration, not code, so you can achieve a fast ROI with easy installation, pre-built Separation of Duties rule sets, and training. 

Set your organization up for success.

Learn how Fastpath can help your pharmaceutical organization.

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SOD Basics and Applications Whitepaper PDF

Separation Of Duties - Basics And Applications

Understand how Separation of Duties can help you maintain security and compliance for your business-critical applications.

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Role of Technology Webinar Webinar

The Role of Technology in Corporate Governance Reform

We will deep-dive into Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) and Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) solutions, and how they offer a robust way to help businesses meet the demands of the reform.

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Corporate Reform e-book PDF

Preparing for the UK Corporate Reform through Strong Internal Controls and Risk Management

This ebook delves into the key elements of the reform, providing valuable insights into how organisations can proactively prepare for its implementation and achieve exemplary corporate governance.

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