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Healthier approach to Identity lifecycle management

Secure your entire application ecosystem with Fastpath’s intelligent identity security and access management.  

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The Challenge

Pharmaceutical companies deal with vast amounts of sensitive data, including patient information, research data, and intellectual property that all needs to be protected from unauthorized access, theft, or misuse. Providing access for large numbers of employees, contractors, and partners without compromising security is a real challenge. 


The Complexity

Firms also often have complex IT environments with data residing across a vast array of systems, applications, and data sources. Managing access and permissions can become a daunting and time-consuming task for IT teams.  


The Fastpath Solution

Fastpath provides a simple, secure, and scalable way to manage identities and their access. Our solution automates the provisioning and deprovisioning of user access, reducing the time and effort required to manage access manually, saving time and reducing the risk of errors and security breaches.  

We help you to comply with regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, and FDA, automating key processes such as user access reviews and certification campaigns, and providing audit-ready reports and audit trails. 

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“Fastpath’s report scheduler is a very good tool..and it’s very intuitive to use”

Michal Orfin, SAP Security Solution Architect for Smith+Nephew


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“Fastpath’s products were designed for companies like ours and were easy to implement. With the standard templates for Change Tracking and conflict lists for SoD included with the product, we are able to generate meaningful reports in a matter of hours now vs. days or sometimes weeks before.”

Jorge Grau, Chief Information Officer at SBA



Take control of security and compliance to increase productivity   

Ease the burden on IT teams 

Empower users with self-service for identity and access management, automate provisioning and deprovisioning , dynamically granting and revoking access to save time and enhance security and reduce the burden on IT teams. 

Make external audits easier and more transparent  

Automate key processes like user access reviews and certifications, saving time, improving accuracy, and reducing costs. 

Reduce risk of breaches  

Analyze risk across critical applications to proactively identify and prevent costly fraud or data breaches. 


Secure third-party access management

Effortlessly manage third-party suppliers, reduce time and costs with delegation, and automate request handling.


Protect intellectual property 

Mitigate data risks by ensuring precise access control through intelligent, automated enforcement of rules and policies.


Quick time to value  

We believe in configuration, not code, so you can achieve a fast ROI with easy installation, pre-built rule sets, and training. 

Set your organization up for success.

Learn how Fastpath can help your pharmaceutical organization.

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