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Higher Education 

Efficiently and effectively manage your complete educational identity ecosystem 

Secure your entire application ecosystem with Fastpath’s intelligent identity security and access management.

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The Challenge

Higher education institutions must balance the student experience with security and compliance risks. Managing identities for students, staff, vendors, alumni, and affiliates is difficult, straining IT teams and exposing institutions to potential risks, fraud and data breaches. 


The Complexity

With diverse stakeholders and constant transitions, identity management and access controls become extremely challenging. Institutions need a solution that can facilitate automation, provide self-service account provisioning, and enable role-based access controls across their complex ecosystem. 


The Fastpath Solution

Fastpath is built to solve these challenges. With a secure and scalable solution, we empower institutions to govern identities and access controls effectively and efficiently. Automated provisioning, self-service capabilities, and streamlined processes, reduce the burden on IT teams, while also supporting security and compliance goals. We help higher education institutions navigate the complexity of identity management, ensuring secure access and compliance within a concise framework. 

"This is now our standard, and to help everyone meet that standard, we are providing Fastpath as the tool to achieve that goal. Fastpath now regularly provides a list of users, a list of security roles, and a list of SoD conflicts which is something we did not have previously. It is saving us a lot of time."

Tim Dewson, Group IS Manager, Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions

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“The support has been excellent. We’ve had a positive experience with Fastpath, and I certainly think it’s a product other companies can benefit from.”

Greg Heidner, Senior Systems Compliance Analyst, Zoom



Efficiently and effectively manage your complete educational identity ecosystem 

Ease the burden on IT teams 

Empower users with self-service for identity and access management, automate provisioning and deprovisioning to save time, enhance security, and reduce the strain on IT teams. 

Streamline compliance and improve audit preparation  

Automate key processes like user access reviews and certification campaigns, improving accuracy, reducing manual effort and saving costs. 

Reduce risk of breaches  

Analyze risk across critical applications to proactively identify and prevent costly fraud or data breaches. 


Secure third-party access management

Effortlessly manage third-party suppliers, reduce time and costs with delegation, and automate request handling.


Protect intellectual property 

Mitigate data risks by ensuring precise access control through intelligent, automated enforcement of rules and policies.


Quick time to value  

We believe in configuration, not code, so you can achieve a fast ROI with easy installation, pre-built rule sets, and training. 

Set your organization up for success.

Learn how Fastpath can help your institution.

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