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Fastpath Platform

Discover how Fastpath identity and access management security solutions can benefit you.

Fastpath's cloud-based access orchestration platform allows organizations to manage and automate identity, access governance, and data and configuration changes - efficiently and cost effectively.


One Platform to Automate IGA Controls & Segregation of Duties

Fastpath makes it efficient and cost-effective to discover, manage, and secure identities across your enterprise. From the moment you hire in your HR system, we enable you to automate access as users join, move within, or leave the organization. Vast interconnectivity, rich user context data, and customizable workflow simplifies the management of all identities and access, continuously monitoring and responding to changes. 



identity lifecycle management

Identity Governance and Administration

Access security and risk management starts and ends with the end user. Each user’s role defines their digital identity, which requires an access level relative to the needs of the job function. Since most data needed to define the identity resides in your HR system, we start there. Using deep integration into your HR application, we automate access management for each event in the user’s lifecycle. With birthright access, streamlined access, request & approval for non-standard user needs, and automatic deprovisioning, Fastpath drives compliant user management simply and efficiently, so you don’t have to.

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Access Certifications

No matter how effective preventative control of user access is, inappropriate access in key applications will happen. Fastpath helps you build a robust continuous monitoring program that detects issues quickly, reducing exposure time and eliminating issues. Certification campaigns can be set up with different targets and schedules to give you the most coverage possible.

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User Access Controls

Given the multi-vendor nature of today’s business systems, all organizations need a solution that allows effectively managed, granular access control across distributed technologies.  

This is where Fastpath can help. Fastpath analyzes access risk across all business applications from the enterprise level right down to the lowest securable object. You can easily define access profiles with detail and specificity, plus analyze applications in a single view. When combined with Identity, Access Control makes it easy to provide preventative analysis as part of access request approvals.

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Change Tracking & Integrations  

Whether you leverage out-of-the-box templates or define the scope of the change tracking yourself, Fastpath’s change tracking will identify who made the change and provide before & after values and other metadata to determine appropriateness. Integrations into common ITSM platforms allows you to close the loop by validating tickets and approvals where required.

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Managing Identity and Access Controls Across Multiple Applications Whitepaper

Managing Identity and Access Controls Across Multiple Applications

Learn best practices companies should consider when dealing with the evolving business application security landscape.

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Automating Your Control Environment: Get a Clear View of Access Risk Across Multiple Systems Whitepaper

Automating Your Control Environment: Get a Clear View of Access Risk Across Multiple Systems

This paper focuses on the importance of having the ability to view “the big picture” of interconnected risk and controls across all the company’s business systems and environments, and shares the advantages of automated controls.

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SOX Compliance Basics: What You Need to Know Whitepaper

SOX Compliance Basics: What You Need to Know

This eBook takes a deep dive into the subject of SOX Compliance.

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