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Fastpath for Microsoft

Dynamics 365 (D365) & Finance and Supply Chain (F&SC)  

Deep granular risk analysis detects and protects against provisioning risky access.

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Don’t be caught without the proper data protection your business needs.

Protecting the data that lives within your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain (F&SC) application is critical to the success of your business and ensuring regulatory compliance.

To truly secure this data, organizations have been relying on Fastpath, for twenty years, for its proven and seamless integration with Microsoft D365F&SC.


‘It runs on Microsoft Azure, so my Microsoft D365F&SC data is secure, right?’

The applications reside on hardware in ultra secure Azure Data Center, however the data that lives within them still requires deep-level access governance and risk management controls. Although Microsoft maintains physical control over the servers, the access to data in D365F&SC, including who can access it, is entirely under the control of the customer, not Microsoft.

The Shared Responsibility Model clearly defines ownership of controls between Microsoft and the customer. When it comes to user access, provisioning of access, and monitoring changes to critical data, all those controls are owned by the customer. While Microsoft Entra ID Governance provides a variety of identity management and authentication capabilities, organizations turn to Fastpath to address their deeper level IGA and GRC needs to fortify security and ensure ironclad compliance. This is primarily driven by the fact Microsoft Entra ID Governance does not integrate with D365F&SC, like Fastpath has, and always will.

You Can’t Protect What You Can’t See.

Gain Deeper Insights and Stronger Internal Controls with Fastpath

Centralized and Enterprise-wide Visibility

Gain quick and complete visibility of all user access, including the risks across your organization. Detailed audit trails and change tracking to provide the visibility you need to understand and report on exactly what users are accessing.

Separation of Duties (SOD)

Automate SOD controls management with default mitigations and compensating control mapping. Identify potential SOD conflicts and access violations within and across multiple business applications, down to the lowest securable-object level.

Cross-application Protection

Manage cross-application risk by analyzing user access to all applications and the data that lives within your most critical applications, including Microsoft D365F&SC, as well as your other HR, IT, and business related apps and systems.


Detailed Change-tracking

Identify when changes are made and by whom. Includes before and after values, day and time stamps of change, and most importantly whom made the change to to determine appropriateness.


Smart and Safe Provisioning

Automate compliant policy-based provisioning using easy-to-use and configurable workflows, preventative SOD risk analysis, and automated approvals to speed up the provisioning process for business application user requests.


Automated Access Certification & De-Provisioning

Streamline user access reviews and certifications with user and access insights, scheduling full or rolling review campaigns, with automated deprovisioning when inappropriate user access is identified.


Role Mining

Optimize security with role mining to create compliant roles using task recording, modeling, and preventative SOD analytics.


Audit-Ready Compliance Reporting

Leverage a library of ‘audit-ready’ compliance reports to expedite audit-readiness efforts. Schedule report delivery, and with electronic report sign off, complete audit evidence is ready and available for your auditors, eliminating traditional manual time consuming audit preparation exercises.

Fastpath helps you Protect What Matters.

Fastpath and Microsoft have been partners in security and compliance for over 19 years. All we focus on is security, audit, compliance and identity. With seasoned certified internal auditors and risk professionals on staff, along with partnerships with the world’s leading accounting and auditing firms, we provide solutions to mitigate the internal user threats that reside in today’s business applications.

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