Fastpath Assure for FinancialForce 

Segregation of Duties risks is an on-going security challenges for FinancialForce customers. FinancialForce is a strong platform for any companies accounting needs, but lacks a user friendly financial reporting application for audits and review.


Fastpath provides comprehensive auditing solutions to automate and simplify compliance for FianacialForce. Our team of Certified Internal Auditors has analyzed the unique aspects of FinancialForce and developed key audit reports and audit templates that make continuous compliance achievable.


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Assure provides a comprehensive audit solution to automate risk management and SOX compliance for FinanciaForce

  • report_icon.pngAnalyze segregation of duties by user, organization, system or object permission
  • Quickly analyze security conflicts within and across profiles and permission sets
  • Platform supports simple sign off for mitigations
  • Schedule reports for delivery in many formats (Excel, PDF, etc.)
  • User friendly report customization