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Fastpath Unleashes New Certification Module


Fastpath Solutions LLC, the leading provider of access control and identity governance solutions for business applications, today announced the availability of its enhanced Certification solution, which provides more integrations and a faster time to value enabling IT and compliance teams to streamline and automate their user access certifications with entitlement-level user access reviews.

As businesses constantly change and evolve, it is inevitable that overtime, employees and contractors accumulate more access to applications than their roles require. Fastpath Certification helps to mitigate security risk by regularly verifying that users only have the appropriate levels of access their role requires. By automating user access reviews, Fastpath makes it easier for organizations to manage approvals and keep auditors happy.

“Security risks are evolving with breaches increasing in severity and number every day. Fastpath is committed to helping organizations protect critical assets and minimize risk,” said Charles Snellgrove, CEO Fastpath Solutions.

“Our enhanced Certification module drives down access risk with user-friendly, intelligent certifications, helping our customers prevent security risk and meet stringent compliance obligations.”

“With the constant increase of applications being used within organizations, manually collecting access data and then distributing it to the appropriate application owners for review is both time-consuming and prone to human error,” said Aidan Parisian, SVP Product, Strategy and Alliances, Fastpath Solutions.

“Fastpath automates and streamlines the user access certification process to make it easy for business managers, application owners, role owners and others to make informed decisions and meet compliance obligations.”

Fastpath Certification enables compliance teams to automate the regular extraction, mapping and distribution of entitlement-level access data to the relevant business application owners and managers. These lists of approvers can be created automatically using dynamic identity collections which increase flexibility and significantly simplify the creation and ongoing administration of certification campaigns.

Application owners and managers can quickly verify that current user access permissions are still appropriate and that end-users do not have excess permissions they no longer need.

Compliance teams can quickly monitor the progress of individual certification campaigns in real time. They can also significantly reduce the time it takes them to produce audit evidence and prove compliance using the repository of reviews.

The new Certification module adds support for the industry standard SCIM specification and incorporates integrations from the recent ideiio acquisition. Using these integrations, customers can quickly and easily add a wider range of enterprise applications including HR, finance, procurement and ITSM to their certification process. Compliance teams can now be more confident that they are meeting strict security and regulatory requirements as they are able to verify, secure and prove user access across more of their organization.

In addition, the new module has been optimized to be faster and more scalable allowing compliance teams to deliver greater value quicker than before.

The new Certification module provides customers with additional functionality so they can increase their overall level of security by controlling the instances of unapproved user access and can prove compliance without adding significant additional workload to their IT and audit teams.

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