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Fastpath has acquired ideiio

DES MOINES, Iowa | August 2

Fastpath Solutions LLC, the leading provider of access control solutions for business applications, today announced it had acquired ideiio, a leading Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solution. This acquisition enables Fastpath to expand its capabilities beyond managing access controls and Separation of Duties (SoD), to offer full identity security and lifecycle management.

With the rise of remote working, geographically distributed workforces, and the shift to the cloud, protecting identity and preventing fraud has never been more important. Employees need fast access to technology to be productive, but over-provisioning can result in organizations being exposed to serious risks. The combination of Fastpath and ideiio means businesses will now be able to seamlessly orchestrate their Access Control Management and IGA across all their business applications, helping them move towards a Zero Trust strategy where the principles of Least Privilege ensure users are granted only the exact access they need, exactly when they need it.

“We are very excited about bringing together the capabilities of these two organizations” said Charles Snellgrove, CEO Fastpath. “Today’s business leaders have a complex set of security and compliance needs yet are faced with an unnecessarily complex set of solutions in the marketplace. By integrating Fastpath’s ‘bottoms up’ access control and SoD platform with ideiio's ‘top down’  identity governance tools, we can now offer our customers unparalleled control of their application risk. Users can orchestrate all aspects of their identity and access management while presented with a comprehensive view of all access risk, all in one place.”

“There is a powerful synergy between ideiio and Fastpath” said Tom Eggleston, CEO ideiio, “Both organizations share a similar view of the market, with a desire to build software that makes complex access control tasks simpler and easy to deploy. Combining ideiio’s broad Identity Governance and Administration functionality with Fastpath’s deep access control capabilities will create a true end-to-end view of identity and access which will be extremely valuable to our customers, both existing and new. We are extremely excited to be joining forces with Fastpath.”
The combined company will be headquartered in Iowa but will also have offices in Colorado Springs and Manchester, United Kingdom.

About Fastpath
Since 2004, Fastpath has been a global leader in application governance, risk and compliance, enabling organizations to manage and automate the processes around access control and data access risk, quickly and efficiently. In a world full of complexity, Fastpath simplifies audit and compliance activities by helping to swiftly identify, quantify and manage key risks within all major ERP, CRM and HRM systems. Fastpath empowers businesses to seamlessly orchestrate their security, compliance and risk management across multi-site, multi-application environments, helping them make strategic business decisions confidently, knowing their organization is secure and compliant. Learn more at www.gofastpath.com.

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