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Automate User Access Reviews for Auditable Certifications

Certify Users and Define Owners with Ease

As your organization grows over time, personnel will change as well. People are promoted, moved to other departments, or leave the company. Mergers and acquisitions also often add new personnel, new applications, and new access requirements.

Maintaining who has the appropriate access to your critical business applications is necessary to maintain security. The best way to ensure this is to periodically certify the access individuals have to your systems. However, trying to maintain user access manually is difficult and prone to error.

Give access only to those who need it – when they need it

The Fastpath Assure® Access Certifications product lets companies schedule periodic reviews and signoff for different types of access, including Business Process, Conflict, Critical Access, Product, and Role Assignment access. Regularly performing access certifications ensures that users are only provided the access privileges required to perform their job functions.

Fastpath’s Access Certifications product automates the User Access Review process by identifying users who have potential access risk and notifying the responsible Business Process Owners (BPOs). The BPOs then review and accept or reject the access privileges for those users and/or roles within their area of responsibility who pose significant risk to the organization. For each review type, users can set up reviews by the securable objects or by the reviewers.

Access Certifications Capabilities

  • Schedule certifications – Define owners of the access type for review and schedule reviews for both full and rolling access reviews.
  • Document reviews – All reports can be scheduled and signed from the report window. This record can be filtered by name, date, and signing user.
  • Notify Audit or Security teams upon certification
    • Audit Team – The Audit Team will receive notifications when a review is completed in an Excel attachment via an email.
    • Security Team – The Security Team will receive notifications when a Product review or Security Role review is completed with any rejected items identified to help facilitate any remediation requests in the target application(s).
  • Audit reports – Generate reports showing access reviews and certifications for internal and external audits.


  • Define owners of the access type for review and schedule reviews.
  • Notify Audit or Security teams upon certification.
  • Generate reports showing access reviews and certifications for use by both internal and external audit teams.
  • Support compliance programs with regularly scheduled and auditable certification processes.
  • Ensure compliant access in a dynamic environment with changing roles and access types.
  • Active Directory integration supports automatic generation of assignments, automatically refreshes assignments as supervisors change, and automatically adds missing supervisors.

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