Careers at Fastpath


Fastpath is a growing company faced with a common industry challenge: How do we grow our organization while keeping the close-knit culture that makes us great?


We decided to answer that challenge in the simplest terms: we hire talented professionals who truly understand that our workplace is a highly collaborative and interactive work environment. You see, at Fastpath, we get along, we respect each other, and we rely on each other to deliver outstanding service to our clients.


Every day, we deliver solid results through a fluid process. That means we need team members that are comfortable being tapped on for ideas, can change directions in a heartbeat, and can be excited about an impromptu brainstorming session via email. We are at the cutting edge of security, audit and compliance solutions which means we balance disciplined project management with spontaneous innovation every single day.


You may be a great match for Fastpath if you:
• Function well in a highly interactive and creative workplace
• Are flexible enough to handle project changes that will deliver a better customer experience
• Can be perfectly okay with your day going very differently than planned
• Are comfortable contributing ideas and being okay if they happen to not to be used
• Know how to manage your time to meet project milestones
• Enjoy being a part of a team that works together toward common goals


On the other hand, if you prefer to work on your own with minimal team interaction, then allow us to be honest - we are not your ideal employer. All of our staff, including our developers, are part of a tight knit cross-functional team that supports each other across departments and stay focused on client needs.


Open Positions

UX/UI Application Engineer