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Are You Ready For GDPR

A Different Regulation for a Different World

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GDPR From the Bridge
GDPR is a new data protection regulation from the EU. It impacts any company that collects personal information from EU citizens, regardless of where the company located. This session will provide an overview to help you better understand GDPR and how it might impact your company. The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) takes effect this May, and there are many misconceptions about the regulation and the collection and protection of customer personal information.

Your company needs to understand how GDPR impacts the collection of customer information and what controls need to be in place to meet the regulatory guidelines. The time is now to be working on GDPR compliance, attend this session to learn why and how to start on the road to compliance at your company.

In this session, we present an overview of this EU regulation, discuss the keys parts of the regulation, and most importantly address some of the common misconceptions around GDPR, including that it only applies to companies in the EU.