Config Ad

Enterprise class security management for Microsoft Dynamics integrated with Active Directory.

Fastpath Config AD integrates Microsoft Dynamics with Active Directory for heightened security of the ERP system and streamlined security management. Fastpath Config AD moves all user provisioning to the IT help desk and eliminates potential security conflicts by removing all user administration from Microsoft Dynamics.

Config AD enables administrators to manage all aspects of Microsoft Dynamics security from Active Directory. Administrators no longer need access to the Microsoft Dynamics application or to an administrator password to create, change or delete Microsoft Dynamics users.

With a simple right-click, a Microsoft Dynamics user can be created in seconds. Security administrators are no longer required to have a system administrator password or even have the Microsoft Dynamics application installed.

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Features for Config AD for Dynamics

  • Eliminates use of 'sa' and Administrator for better security management
  • Streamlines user provisioning
  • Manage Dynamics GP and CRM security via Active Directory groups 
  • Active Directory user disables/deletes are automatically synchronized with Microsoft Dynamics
  • Microsoft Dynamics user provisioning requests become standard Help Desk task
  • Manage Dynamics CRM and ERP user provisioning from one window

Specific to GP

  • Allows users to synchronize Windows IDs and passwords with Dynamics GP
  • Windows password policy enforced for Dynamics GP logins
  • Logoff users after periods of inactivity
  • Compatible with Citrix, Terminal Services, Remote Desktop Services and Virtual Machines