Audit View

Automated report management system allowing design and scheduling of key audit reports.

Fastpath Audit View puts the audit data your company needs, in the hands of the right user, on a timely basis, leading to more reliable business processes.

Audit View allows the business user to schedule and deliver audit reports on an "as needed" basis without the need for someone in the IT department. Whether you want to review posted GL transactions on a daily basis or see who created a purchase order within the last month, Audit View makes creation and access to this information easy.

The Audit View Reports Wizard allows a business user to select and save criteria for a given report as needed with options for scheduling report delivery to the appropriate user group. Once scheduled, the report is delivered to the desired recipient, in the desired format with the desired frequency.


  • Audit report design and scheduling tool for business users
  • Save key audit reports for easy re-creation
  • Define custom report schedules (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Scheduled reports emailed to any user via Excel or PDF attachment

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