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Workday Access Security Using Fastpath Assure

Download the eBook to learn about Workday's security model and how Fastpath helps manage user access risks within Workday and other business applications.

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Know Who Has Access to Your Workday Environment

Managing user access to critical areas of your Workday environment is a critical part of protecting your company from fraud and intentional or unintentional changes to company data. Developing a repeatable and auditable risk management strategy will help secure your business applications and prepare for internal or external audits.

Fastpath Assure provides the tools to help administrators and business process owners prevent or mitigate segregation of duties risks, automate user access requests, enforce periodic access reviews, and provide auditable access certifications.

This eBook explains:

  • The primary elements of the Workday security model
  • Building a risk strategy for your organization
  • How Fastpath can help business implement a risk management process for Workday and any other business applications which share information with Workday.

Download the eBook today!