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Building a Successful Security & Compliance Program for SAP 

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Real Questions and Answers to your Pressing SAP Security, Compliance & Access Control Concerns

Best Practices Discussed to Help You Succeed! 
To ensure data is secure and to lower their fraud risk, companies running SAP software need to understand the latest trends in what auditors are asking about when it comes to security and privacy controls, and what tools are available to help manage risk and compliance, such as SAP governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) solutions for SAP customers.
During this Q&A with SAP, audit, and security experts, you will learn how to build a successful security and compliance program and be better prepared for your next audit.

You will hear from your peers and be able to ask your most pressing questions about security and audits, such as:

  • We are a small team — how do companies handle small Basis teams with external auditors?
  • What are the natural advantages of using SAP software as a public company?
  • How do most companies handle custom transaction codes?
  • My auditor is asking about the non-SAP systems in my landscape — what do I do?
  • We struggle with who owns security in our company — who should own a security program and who implements it?
  • We hear about cybersecurity all the time, but isn’t control over data and transactions on the inside just as important?