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Building a Successful Cross-Application Security & Compliance Program for SAP Q&A Session

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Real Questions and Answers to your Pressing SAP Security, Compliance & Access Control Concerns

Cross-Application Security - Approaches To Better Understand Who Owns What In Controls 
As business software continues to evolve, companies are putting more of their information in the cloud, while also retaining some business critical applications on-premise, creating a "hybrid" environment. This uncovers the issue of understanding who owns what, when it comes to security and access controls for these integrated hybrid environments.

During this Q&A with SAPinsider VP of Research, Robert Holland, and the SAP security and audit experts from Fastpath for a live Q&A session to discuss the black and white lines around controls and explore the gray areas where many companies struggle to understand who has responsibility for securing their information.

You will hear from your peers and be able to ask your most pressing questions about security and audits, such as:

  • My auditor is asking about the non-SAP systems in my landscape - what do I do?
  • We struggle with who owns security in our company — who should own a security program and who implements it?
  • We hear about cybersecurity all the time, but isn’t control over data and transactions on the inside just as important?
  • We acquire companies often, and sometimes these companies have SAP, Oracle, and NetSuite. Is there an easy way to gain access to these systems to analyze risk?
  • We currently have SAP GRC and we would like to compare our GRC results to another 3rd party software. Is there a way to compare SAP access to a 3rd party by utilizing our GRC environment?