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Addressing Access Risk Across Multiple Systems

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Succeeding at Managing Enterprise Risk in Today's Connected World

Organizations must be aware of the risks they face and take the appropriate measures to minimize the impacts on their operations.

To make matters more complicated, strategic business practices, like mergers and acquisitions, have introduced entirely new IT infrastructures to the enterprise along with the challenges to monitor, manage, and control risk in those infrastructures.

Therefore, it’s vitally important to think about how the organization is identifying, assessing, and responding to access risk across a dynamic landscape.

Some of the questions to ask include:

  • Who has access to our systems?
  • Why are they accessing them?
  • What can they do in each system?
  • Are we vulnerable in any of those points?

In this E-book, we will present a basic understanding of an organization’s cross-platform risks associated with business processes so internal and external audit staff can evaluate the risks, align them with the organization’s risk and controls policies, and design rulesets to mitigate or remediate the risks.

We will also show how Fastpath can help organizations manage these access and security risks concurrently across multiple business systems, providing an end-to-end view of their risk exposure and the tools to eliminate or mitigate those risks.

Presented by Fastpath and Protiviti.