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Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto: How to Introduce Automation into Your Control Environment

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GRC Days On-Demand Webinar: Learn How to Build a business case for Automated Controls that Are Efficient, Effective, and Agile.

Assurance processes have improved over the past twenty years, but automation of controls has continued to be siloed and encumbered by manual processes and point solutions. Manual processes limit the monitoring of controls in business applications and come at a high cost of human and financial capital to scope, request, collate, and review data.

This on-demand webinar educates attendees on how to build a business case that articulates the value of automated control monitoring and enforcement across business systems. Attendees will learn the triad framework for a business case that measures value around:

  • Efficiency. How automated control enforcement makes the organization more efficient in human and financial capital . . . that is time and money.
  • Effectiveness. Where automated control enforcement delivers greater operating effectiveness and thoroughness of controls for assurance across business applications/systems.
  • Agility. How automated control monitoring and enforcement allows the organization greater agility in the midst of continuous business, employee, and application change as well as be more responsive to find and contain issues before they become big issues. 

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