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Simplify Security of SAP CRM Access

SoD and Access Solutions for SAP CRM

Managing access risk in SAP has traditionally meant purchasing expensive software and suffering through drawn-out implementation periods just to run your first report.

With Fastpath, you can run your first report in a few days. Leverage our intuitive user interface, responsive tools, and unparalleled support team to start managing risk now. That’s why our software has been specifically designed with user-friendly effectiveness in mind.

With comprehensive audit solutions that automate and simplify risk analysis of access and the efficient managing of SoD compliance, Fastpath Assure® allows you to worry less about the grind of internal controls, and instead, focus on your business.

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Segregation of Duties (SoD)

Undetected conflicts are a company’s worst internal nightmare. That is why effective segregation of duties (SoD) within users’ access is vital to its health.

Segregation of duties is the practice of separating the access needed to perform a business process between multiple users in order to limit the risk of fraud, error, and misstatement. You don’t want to give one person the capability of both creating and paying a vendor because you run the risk of the user creating and paying themselves as a vendor.

By reviewing, analyzing, and alerting you to any potential conflicting duties within your internal controls, the SoD module ensures access among users is kept at the bare minimum, keeping your company safe from critical access mistakes that could allow undetected fraud and errors.


  • Makes it easy to see security conflicts within and across roles, ensuring you won’t miss any potential problems that could cost your company time, money, and reputation
  • Mitigating controls that are simple to review and sign-off, preventing the unnecessary confusion of not knowing whether analysis has been performed
  • Eliminates the frustration of limited format delivery by giving you the ability to schedule reports through a variety of formats (Excel, PDF, etc.)

Do you know who has access to your data?

User access may change over time. Promotions, department changes, mergers, and temporary access needs can all result in access changes for your users. Problems occur when old access or temporary access is not disabled after the change. This is where regular access reviews become necessary.

With the Access Review module, Fastpath Assure allows you to review system access regularly so changes don’t go unnoticed.


  • Security analysis reporting at multiple levels from the user down to individual securable objects
  • Easily save or download custom reports in multiple formats like Excel & PDF
  • Schedule and deliver customized reports to reviewers.

Define owners with ease.

Schedule periodic reviews and sign-off of different types of access to ensure only the people who should have access actually do: Conflict, Role Assignment, Critical Access, Business Process, and Product access.

The Access Certifications module will allow you to define owners of the access type for review and schedule reviews for both full access reviews and rolling access reviews.


  • 'Run Now' capability to create reviews on demand, so there's no need to wait until the next scheduled run time.
  • Enhanced reporting so have visibility into the Generated Date, Due Date, and Completed Date of the reviewers and review items.
  • Ability to delete a review from the ‘All Reviews’ page. This will delete all of the review items included in this review.

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