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Audit for Dynamics CRM

Control User Access to Manage Conflicts and Risk in CRM

The Fastpath Assure® suite of software provides a comprehensive audit solution to automate security, risk management, and SOX compliance for Dynamics CRM. Fastpath Assure can help you answer three questions:


  • Who has access to your Dynamics CRM data?
  • Where are the risks in their access?
  • What did users do with their access?

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Easily Find Inappropriate & Orphaned Access in CRM

The Fastpath Assure Access Review module reports user access in Dynamics CRM for security review and maintenance.

Who has access to your CRM data? Many businesses may not think of CRM when they think audit, but knowing who can view or make changes to your customer data is definitely a matter of security. And now, with GDPR, knowing who has access to your CRM data, and what they do with that access, is even more important.

The Access Review module in Fastpath Assure allows companies to quickly review access by user or entity. With these reviews available, you can easily recognize and eliminate unauthorized or orphaned users in your system, maintaining security.


  • Security reporting by user or entity
  • Download to Excel or PDF for analysis and distribution
  • Intuitive and automated system supports continuous compliance
  • Designed for large or small implementations
  • Define custom report schedules (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Assists in regulation compliance (SOX, HIPAA, FDA)

Comprehensive Activity Tracking for a Secure CRM

The Fastpath Assure Audit Trail module reports user activity in Dynamics CRM, tracking changes, including when and by whom, with before and after values.

What are users doing with their access to Dynamics CRM? Day to day, users are creating, updating, and deleting data from CRM as part of their basic responsibilities. But what if someone makes a mistake, incorrectly changing an address, or accidentally deletes a customer? If a user is terminated or quits, did they take customer data with them? How can you find and fix these issues?

The Audit Trail module allows companies to monitor these changes constantly, while not hindering performance. Audit Trail includes auditor designed templates made to simplify the audit process out-of-the-box. Most importantly, Audit Trail records before and after values, so mistakes and errors can be quickly rolled back.


  • Track all changes to Microsoft Dynamics CRM databases
  • Track changes made from inside Dynamics CRM and external sources
  • Track who is viewing key Dynamics CRM data (privacy auditing)
  • Standard audit trails make implementation quick for immediate ROI
  • Designed for both large or small implementations
  • Define custom report schedules (daily, weekly, monthly) and send via Excel or PDF attachment
  • Assists in Sarbane’s-Oxley (SOX) compliance

Implement User Access Changes Quickly & Securely

The Identity Manager module in Fastpath Assure automates access requests, approvals, and application without the need for IT.

Creating, editing, and deleting users in Dynamics CRM can be an area of risk many companies take for granted. The data housed in most CRMs can be quite sensitive, and controlling who has access to it is a security imperative. A common issue is the orphaned user.

With Fastpath Identity Manager (IDM) you can streamline the user provisioning process and even improve security for CRM as a whole. IDM allows requests to be automated with workflows from requestor to authorization to deployment without ever needing the IT department. An effective date option in IDM enables you to schedule start or end dates for user access, helping to limit both risk and orphaned users. With the integration of our Segregation of Duties (SoD) module, each request can include an automated SoD conflict review.


  • Streamlines user provisioning
  • Request Microsoft Dynamics user creation and role assignments in Identity Manager
  • Visibility into SoD risks during requests and approvals
  • Multi-level management approval structures
  • Require approvals based on user, role, application, or SoD risk level
  • Multiple Active Directory scenario configuration options
  • Comprehensive reporting on requests and approvals
  • Active Directory user disables/deletes are automatically synchronized with Microsoft Dynamics

Use Active Directory to Secure CRM

Fastpath Config AD integrates CRM and Active Directory simplifying security management.

Fastpath’s Config AD allows companies to connect Active Directory (AD) groups to CRM roles or privileges. Config AD enables the IT department to handle security quickly and easily in a format familiar to them. With the link of AD to CRM, changes made to users in AD can be implemented directly to CRM, including termination, making your organization more secure and limiting the potential for orphaned users.


  • Eliminates use of ‘sa’ and Administrator for better security management
  • Streamlines user provisioning
  • Active Directory user disables/deletes are automatically synchronized with Microsoft Dynamics
  • Microsoft Dynamics user provisioning requests become standard Help Desk tasks
  • Manage Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP user provisioning from one window

Do You Know Who Is Viewing Your CRM Data?

In a world of GDPR and HIPAA, where privacy is a constant legal and social conflict, it's important to regularly run privacy audits on your Dynamics CRM. With privacy auditing, you can reporting on who is viewing CRM data, even if they don’t make changes. Knowing what users are looking at or sharing allows you to know if your privacy policies are being followed, and can also protect your company from data theft.

In CRM version 2015 or newer, the Audit Trail module can even tell when and what users export from CRM. When setup, Audit Trail can run these reports in a matter of minutes and make this an on-demand business process. Using the module for privacy audits can even go as far as to tell you if a terminated employee took customer data when they left.


  • Track who is viewing key Dynamics CRM data
  • Track user views and actions to Microsoft Dynamics CRM databases
  • Track user views from inside Dynamics CRM and through external sources
  • Define custom report schedules (daily, weekly, monthly) and send via Excel or PDF attachment

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