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Zoom Expands Use of Fastpath Assure With SSO Authentication to Enhance Security

If you say, “Zoom” in today’s remote-working/social-distancing world, everyone knows you’re talking about Zoom Video Communications, the provider of cloud-based video and audio meetings, webinars, live chats, and screen sharing. It’s no surprise to hear that the company has experienced explosive growth during the past year.

SSO Authentication for Multiple Applications to Enhance Security, Ease User Fatigue, and Meet Compliance Requirements with Fastpath Assure and Okta

Zoom uses Fastpath Assure for segregation of duties (SoD), identity management, and access certifications, which integrates nazoom-logo-transparenttively with the identity and access management application Zoom selected. Assure works together with the application seamlessly through its support for authentication standards.

Administrators are asked to manage, enable, and disable user access, and helping ensure compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley and other regulations. Working with Fastpath they now leverage Single Sign On (SSO) from Okta as part of their Fastpath security, audit, and compliance automation.

Read the full story of how Zoom has tackled their security challenges with Fastpath Assure and SSO for Okta.

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