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2021 Rewind: Top 4 Whitepapers to Inform Your 2022 Security Strategy

In today's fast-moving business environment, risk is a constant.  As 2021 draws to a close we wanted to share our top four whitepapers that can help your organization prepare your security strategy for whatever 2022 has in store.

Number 1: Segregation of Duties - Basics and Applications

Failure to maintain adequate segregation of duties across multiple business applications can lead to compliance violations, fines, loss of data, and fraud. In fact, the analyst group, Gartner, has said, "Effective segregation of duties (SOD) controls can reduce the risk of internal fraud by up to 60% through early detection of internal process failures in key business systems." SOD controls are an essential part of keeping your organization safe and mitigating these risks. As the risk landscape has become more complex, organizations are tasked with ensuring proper SOD controls for multiple applications, which can be cumbersome. To help companies understand how to effectively manage SOD Fastpath went back to the basics in our whitepaper "Segregation of Duties: Basics and Applications" which covers everything from what is SOD, roles and roles creation to cross-application SOD conflicts. Read it here.


Number 2: SOX Compliance Basics: What You Need To Know

As any good builder will tell you the most important part of a house is the foundation. The same can be said for organizational compliance especially when it comes to SOX compliance. This can be particularly true for organizations who are going IPO or thinking of going IPO. Ernst and Young recently stated, "Companies that exceeded overall market returns following an IPO have typically implemented critical organizational changes to begin acting like a public company a full 12 to 24 months prior to going public." The sooner organizations have a firm grasp on SOX compliance the better. Our whitepaper "SOX Compliance Basics: What You Need To Know" covers the foundation of SOX compliance to help you learn more about its impact on your organization. Read it here.

Number 3: Managing Risk & Discovering Value with Fastpath During an ERP Implementation or Upgrade

Organizations' application ecosystem has grown more complex over past few years. With the emergence of work from home and hybrid work many organizations have been looking to migrate key business applications to the cloud. The benefits of which are undeniable: high scalability, consistent processes, real-time financial reporting, and cost savings. However, far too often the compliance team is left out or not even considered during an ERP implementation or upgrade until it is too late. In our whitepaper "Managing Risk & Discovering Value with Fastpath During an ERP Implementation or Upgrade" we highlight why security is the cornerstone of any ERP implementation and how to align security during the critical phases of an ERP implementation, applicable to any ERP or implementation methodology. Read it here.

Number 4: Managing Identity and Access Controls Across Multiple Applications

2020 was year of unprecedented events. Many thought 2021 was going to be a year of going back to normal, but instead, 2021 was a year of adjusting to the "new normal". While many organizations had hoped for a return to the office and standard on-premises processes, what occurred instead was an accelerated adoption of new technologies that allowed organizations to respond and adapt to the new largely remote workforce. However, this acceleration also shifted the threat landscape. Organizations must be aware of the risks they face and take the appropriate measures to minimize the impacts on their operations. In our whitepaper "Managing Identity and Access Controls Across Multiple Applications," we look at the best practices companies should consider when dealing with the evolving business application security landscape. Read it here.