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eBook - Top 10 Most Used Fastpath Reports

This eBook reviews the top 10 most used reports which are ERP agnostic, and sharing why they should be in all of our customer's toolkits. If you're not already a Fastpath customer, does your current solution have these informative insights to assist in managing your security?

Useful Reports for Customers and Partners

Top 10 Reports in Fastpath Assure

We try to provide the best resources for our customers to help them be more efficient and effective.  In that spirit, we reviewed the top 10 most used reports and why they should be in all of our customer's toolkits, and combined them into one eBook.

Get the Top 10 Fastpath   Reports eBook!
If you aren't already a Fastpath customer, we know that trusting our word isn't always enough. GRC 20/20 Research, LLC provides clarity of insight into governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) solutions and strategies through objective market research, benchmarking, training, and analysis. Read their report on Fastpath Assure®, the security and compliance platform which won their "Innovation in User Experience for Automated Controls" Award! 
GRC 2020 Award for Fastpath