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Strategies for GRC Challenges: Download Your Free 2021 SAPinsider Report

New technology migrations, security threats and attacks, and rapid changes within compliance and data regulations are driving many SAP-based businesses to grow their Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC) strategy. And as companies prepare for a hybrid work environment with a combination of some workers in the office and some working remotely, these companies are preparing for security challenges across corporate, public, and in-home networks.

SAPinsider recently conducted a survey of 167 member companies during the spring of 2021 to understand the strategies SAP customers are using to address their GRC challenges.

According to SAPinsider’s GRC State of the Market 2021 report, 62% of the companies surveyed use a combination of manual and automated tracking solutions with only 26% having a fully automated process. Manual processes are time-consuming and can be error-prone.

In addition, more than half of the respondents plan on making GRC-related investments in cybersecurity in 2021, along with 47% looking at investment in access controls.

The report also found that support from the C-Suite was a common element among successful GRC initiatives.

Check out the full report out now to learn more about how successful organizations are managing risk in 2021, including:

  • What factors are driving SAP-based organizations to start GRC initiatives
  • The strategies they are using for implementing their GRC programs
  • Which technologies they are considering for their GRC solutions in 2021

Download your copy of SAPinsider’s GRC State of the Market 2021 report now.